My Hero Academia Chapter 232 Spoilers, Release Date

The next chapter of My Hero Academia is only a few days away from being released and because we are so near to its release date, we have now begun to receive speculation on Reddit for My Hero Academia chapter 232.

I actually like the way the Dabi case is managed, for the last 3 chapters we were all anticipating his identity to eventually be revealed and yet Hori only gave us another important clue on that without exploiting it. It’s like he knows we already know, so he’s just going to make it pull the longest he can to eventually reveal it.


My Hero Academia Chapter 232 Spoilers

My Hero Academia chapter 232
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I wonder what is Destro & Re-Destro quirk that secured them the leaders of the army, because like what the ice guy stated that the current society will be based on how strong your quirk is, and he is already powerful yet still an assistant to Re-Destro. I hope we will get a glimpse at his quirk in My Hero Academia chapter 232.

By typical shonen rules, Twice will get completely crushed to hype up Re-Destro for his battle against Shigaraki or Spinner. Of course, this could always go the Overhaul way and have Twice destroying Re-Destro until Shigaraki appears to finish the fight after Re-Destro powers up only to keep even.

Hawks taking out Best Jeanist to make up for what occurred when he was with Endeavor to serve to regain trust. The League of Villains is facing the Liberation Army when Dabi should be meeting Hawks. I’m assuming that this is when Hawks should be added to the rest of the group but maybe he’ll get questioned more first. Even if it wasn’t for the Liberation Army, the League might still have been held dealing with Gigantomachia instead.


Boku no Hero Academia chapter 232
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I don’t believe that Hawks would go that far yet the author is really trying to make us assume that Hawk killed Jeanist by concentrating on that large bag that Hawk’s carrying immediately after he wielded a knife at him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 232 release date

Chapter 232 of My Hero Academia is going to officially release on 16 June 2019, However, the scans will be out 2-3 days prior to the official release.