Kingdom Chapter 603 Spoilers, Release Date, Summary

Kingdom chapter 603 can’t come soon enough, June is going to be a blast and hype month for the manga, Kingdom chapter 602 has everything one takes an interest… The tactic game, strategy, temporary stand, humor and intelligence. That’s what we want to see going ten thousands of men with wit and intelligence with a strategy that’s the important factor. 

Kingdom Chapter 602 Summary


Kingdom raw 603
Credit: Kingdom Manga

I like how Riboku has understood that Ousen took into account that Gyou might fall and now they can’t defend but requires an attacking stand for protecting the city otherwise it might fall. He had no opening while defending now at the cost of giving opportunities he takes the charging stand while he may have the number advantage Ousen has now some chances he can use to take down the head of the army though he takes the danger of being annihilation.

Riboku is unaware of this recent news and now we will observe how Riboku wants to overthrow all his plan to reach Gyou before its too late and how Ousen will stop him.


Kingdom Chapter 603 Spoilers

Ousen is a complete beast, this man essentially predicted the timing of the attack on Gyou and the burning of their food and predicted the reaction that would come from Riboku after learning it. Particularly leaves a harder hit recognizing his approach prior to getting the information.

Kingdom chapter 603
Credit: Kingdom Manga

I believe Kingdom chapter 603 will also show that Kanki also has his men blending in Gyou. And his men expecting for Ousen to make his move first, that’s why Kanki complain Ousen’s boys took his time. Since the very first, Kanki could already notice through the likelihood of Ousen sending his men inside plotting something, so there’s no way he didn’t send his men inside too.


Kanki’s men are most possibly requested to create confusion. They are probably creating riots by increasing rumors about all the food being burned, and their specialty is stealing, so they add more disorder by stealing whatever food left behind and killing superior officers. I’m rather sure they are leading the disorders inside Gyou now.

In Kingdom chapter 603, Riboku is going to believe that his flank defense will be able to sustain HSU and will concentrate on Ousen first, then the flanks. Everyone appears to underestimate HSU and Riboku’s comments this chapter make him look pretty confident that the defense will do the work while he takes out the center army.

Do you believe the battle will finish in a stalemate on the final day of battle in Shukai Plains? I think a decisive blow has to come as the 15th day has been hyped up for so long.

Kingdom chapter 603 release date

Chapter 603 of Kingdom manga is going to release on 13th June 2019.

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