One Piece Chapter 946: The Battle for O-Shiroku

Hello Guys, If you’re waiting for One Piece chapter 946, it’s sad to tell you that this chapter is not getting this week. One Piece manga won’t be out the following week. Which means we will be getting Chapter 946 next week. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for newest updates.
One Piece Chapter 946: The Battle for O-Shiroku
One Piece Chapter 945 is out and it was filled with just as much action as I suspected after the last chapter. After seeing Big Mom just breaking inside the prison made me just as thrilled as everyone else.

One Piece Chapter 946
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However, I don’t believe Queen was just one-shotted by O-lin. While Big Mom is clearly way stronger than Queen, but this Yonko commander didn’t fall down. He’s still standing up, just his face was punched into the ground because of his large neck. I think the fight will last a little while longer in Chapter 946 with Big Mom still coming out on top.
I don’t demand much from Queen going up against Big Mom, it appears many people are sleeping on him. He’s going to show off why they call him the plague soon enough. So, It appears we will be observing the continuation of the battle between Big Mom and Queen in One Piece chapter 946.
Moreover, Usopp and Nami were talking about possibly being tortured for information several chapters ago. In this chapter, we discovered that Orochi’s men will try to take one of the Straw Hats for investigation. It looks like that either Usopp or Nami is going to be caught by the enemy. I’m guessing it’ll be Usopp. He’ll put himself in a compromising situation in order to protect Toko and will be captured.
Ashura Douji and Kin’emon
Ashura Douji finally starts to have a change of heart. also, we have another exciting cliffhanger as he’s taking Kin’emon to see something. Perhaps he’s been planning a rebellion of some sort on his own for the past 20 years?
What Ashura Douji is going to show Kin’emon and Inuarashi will be an essential part of the arc. I’m also believing the One Piece chapter 946 will be the end of Act II.
One Piece Chapter 946 Release Date
Chapter 946 of OP manga will not be coming out next week. However, fans will be able to read the next chapter on 21 June.