A New Theory on Ancient Weapon Uranus Has Surfaced And Its Totally Possible

Pluton is referred to after the Greek God of the Underworld (Pluton is another name for Hades and the call of his Roman equivalent). The weapon is Poseidon is mentioned after the Greek God of the while the final ancient weapon is called Uranus.

The weapon should commonly be called Zeus since Zeus, Poseidon and Hades were the primary 3 gods of Greek mythology and serving as a power hierarchy with Zeus holding the skies, Poseidon the seas and Hades, the underworld. The weapon is called after the Greek primordial god Uranus.


Uranus, who was identified as Father Sky, was conquered by his son Cronos who was well recognized as Father Time. Look at the clocks on the attire of the Tenryubitto.

Cronos was the head of the Titans and he was haunted by a prophecy that one of his children would overcome him.

The one who overcame Cronos was his son Zeus, the god of lightning, thunder and Justice. Zeus had the strength to produce storms and produce rain which again reminds me of something.


‘Uranus’ the name means “to rain” or “to moisten.” Look at all the links to storms and rain?

Dragon is a creature noted for its control over the weather and being the bringer of storms, and we have these two:




I’m not suggesting that Dragon or Momonosuke is Uranus or indeed has any actual link to Uranus. “But what about all those references connecting Uranus to weather?”

Big Mom with just her Devil Fruit power can control the weather, making it strange the Uranus can only control the weather.

So if not weather manipulation, what is Uranus’ true power?

I believe the real power of Uranus is Soul Contract.

Souls have an especially significant part in the series. You have Moria’s ability to remove shadows, and Brook says the shadow and original hosts share one body.

The effects of Moria transferring shadows have a comparable effect to eating a devil fruit. When you eat a devil fruit, you achieve a certain power like when you get a shadow. And the host can take on the same construct as the shadow.

Oz was stretching even yet his body was normal flesh, Essentially like he ate a devil fruit.

Sugar and Moria’s Devil Fruit powers – With contracts, even if the victim is self-conscious, the sufferer cannot ignore and is absolutely loyal to their ‘masters, voluntarily or not.

Uranus the god was also a creator god. Upon his death, his spawned many demons from his DNA, consisting of the giants. This “monster spawning” kind of reminds me of the devil fruits.

The fruits were also represented as carrying a devil or spirit inside of them.

The devil fruits are following a soul contract given to them by an earlier user of Uranus. They are tied up to fruit and give a host an ability and they cannot evade.

In case you are doubting if the earlier user of Uranus is deceased or not, it doesn’t actually affect. Moria said that even if you kill him, the effects of his fruit won’t wear off.

Also, notice how Oda draws souls with the same pattern as the devil fruits.

Uranus is the power to make contracts with souls in a similar manner to Moria and Sugar. The souls are cursed to continue a devil fruit cycle until a new user liberates them.