DBS Heroes Revealed Name Of Vegeta’s Latest Transformation

Vegeta’s Latest Transformation

There are few things more annoying to a Dragon Ball fan than uncertainty. The franchise has a faithful global fandom that’s really hard to swing, but Son Goku does make his fans twitchy when their mysteries remain unanswered. The delayed info is kept from fans, the long-drawn they panic, and Vegeta is the latest star create such a confused circle.

All fans want to know is the official title of his latest power-up, but alas. Dragon Ball Super is keeping that name on the low, but a game may have teased its name recently.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been busy as of late with promotions, and Vegeta took part in the game’s new designs. The franchise is adjusting up for new missions and characters to draw back followers. To do that, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is joining characters like Ultra Instinct Goku and Android 21. Oh, and it is gaining Super Saiyan Vegeta thanks to his new power-up.


It is just that this game is calling the state ‘Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution.


The name was spotted in a recent ad for Super Dragon Ball Heroes. There is no telling if the title name will really appear on the Vegeta card itself, but the commercial used the title when indicating to the Saiyan’s new form. The video game may not be recognized canon by many, but its name could be a trailer for what the Dragon ball super will call Vegeta’s new form. If that is the problem, then fans can only expect the mighty transformation will get compressed.