‘One Piece’ Chapter 901 Spoilers/Speculations, Is Sunny Destroyed?

One Piece manga Chapter 900, astounded everyone with its stunning twist. Earlier, followers were somehow already suspected the Strawhats to, fortunately, escape from the Big Mom’s territory thinking the point that Sanji and Luffy are now on board the Sunny, the apparently strong Vinsmokes have appeared with their clone soldiers and the Jinbe’s previous companions, the Sun Pirates, creating a path for the Straw Hats to fly.

Still, the previous chapter showed that it is never that simple to escape from a Yonko’s empire. With Big Mom’s troops, the condition has been immediately changed that followers can’t assume the Strawhats to get a complete getaway in the next manga Chapter 901.

The Germa 66 experienced some serious injury thanks to specific bullets competent of entering their hard skins while the Sun Pirates were stopped from giving assistance to the escaping Mugiwara’s when Oven unleashed his power which burned up the sea to intolerable levels.


But the critical hit of all was the Strawhat Pirates on board the Thousand Sunny. The flagship of Yonko’s fleet eventually appeared and immediately bombarded the escaping Sunny. The chapter concluded with Sunny’s tattered flag drifting in the water, which is a great indication that fans should assume the ship to be completely destroyed in One Piece manga Chapter 901.

However, that does not imply that all of the Strawhats have died. While there is no mystery regarding Sunny’s destruction, one approach the Mugiwara crew could likely escape death is with the aid of Jinbe. Everyone on board is most possible underwater at the time but, with Jinbe’s technique, they might be able to last. Still, escape yet continues a distant hope at this time.

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