Designs Revealed Of The New Saiyan Villain – Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball’s Saiyans are few of the most exciting bonuses to the series as every new Saiyan that appears often draws a lot of recognition given that every new Saiyan could hold the potential to be as powerful as Goku or Vegeta.

Although the  Dragon Ball Super anime series has finished, the franchise has added a distinct Saiyan for the DB Legends game, and gratitude to one Twitter user, followers now have a pure look at the Saiyan as well as we learned new information.


DB Legends is a mobile game developing to iOS and Android phones that began a new player figure against the enemies introduced during the series. Along with an afresh designed armour set, the distinct Saiyan is getting fans by storm.

Along with the hole in the leather covering to provide the yet unnamed Saiyan’s tail to swing, this new Saiyan has proved that this new character has been created by Akira Toriyama. Much similar to Android 21 in DB Fighter Z, the team from Dragon Ball Legends appeared to Toriyama with their plans and he created the new character equally.

The idea of the new Saiyan, on with the published story bit that this fighter comes from a long time past, a time before Son Goku and com., has fans even considering that this new Saiyan simply may be connected with the time travelling enemy of the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super movie.


But whether or not these associations come to claim is yet up in the air, a distinct Saiyan idea and character is quite an exciting possibility.

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