One Piece Chapter 954: Enma- The God of Hell

Chapter 953 was such a wholesome chapter! After seeing the depressing past of Kawamatsu, and Kitsune. It was so heart touching. After reading this chapter, I just had to close my eyes and reflect all the moments that happened in this chapter. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on One Piece chapter 954.



Enma- the God of Hell


In the next chapter, we’ll probably see Zoro refusing to take Enma, stating it should go to the Kazuki heir, Momonosuke. However, Shusui means more than just a sword to Wano and their people. Hiyori knows that and willing to give up the thing she treasures so much. Enma is a sword which is given to Hiyori by his father, Oden Kozuki. Hiyori believes that the motivation of Wano people will get boosted because the sword of Ryuma is back to them. Also, Zoro understands this and will accept Enma- The God of Hell.

One Piece manga 954
Shusui Sword

In the previous chapter, ‘Enma- the Buddhist God of Hell’ is the sword offered to Roronoa Zoro by Hiyori in exchange for Shusui. Zoro has been called a Demon and previously also mantled Asura. Which indicates that Zoro will accept this sword. A legendary sword that gave Kaido his only scar is amazing and fits the theme of a Demon.

One Piece Chapter 954 spoilers

Some Fans over Reddit also thinks Zoro should return Shusui to Wano. Zoro treasures it very dearly and if he gives it up to the people of Wano that would show the great development for his character. Maybe, He’ll use it again in the future against some powerful opponents.


One Piece 954
Zoro Vs Ryuma


Oden has been built up for so long, also the latest chapter unveiled that Oden gave that scar to Kaido. Until now, Everyone thought that Whitebeard himself gave that only scar to the Beast Kaido in one of their battles. Now, we know that the scar was given to him by Kozuki Oden with the blade Enma. Fans are hoping to see a flashback of Oden in One Piece chapter 954.

One Piece chapter 954 may reveal more about the connection of Roronoa Zoro with Wano country. Oda did give us some hint that Zoro might be from Shimotsuki clan, It appears that the Shimotsuki village in East Blue, where Zoro trained was established by the people from Wano.

The main purpose of Wano act 2 has been gathering all the pieces for the raid on Onigashima. So Fans can logically assume that the act will end once this is done. While this could still be the case, Kawamatsu providing all the needed weapons quickly eliminates another plot point. Honestly, I think the only prep left at this point is freeing the prisoners in Rasetsu and finding Denjiro.

One Piece Chapter 954 release date

It looks like there’s no break next week. Chapter 954 of One Piece manga is probably going to release on 2 September. However, the digital scans will be out 2-3 before the official release.

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