Japan selected “Weathering With You” for International Feature Film Oscar

The filmmakers’ federation of Japan announced that the animated film “Weathering With You” of Makoto Shinkai is Japan’s representative for 92nd Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Award category which now known as International Feature Film Award. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on “Tenki no Ko”.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science invites each country, every year to submits their best movie for Best Foreign Language Film for the Academy Award. The committee for the Foreign Language Film Award supervises the process and reviews all the films.


Makoto Shinkai’s Tenki no Ko is Japan’s representative for 92nd Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film Award category

Tenki no Ko in Oscar
Weathering For You

“Weathering With You” is in a slot where it will compete against other live-action films. Which will probably result in more exposure of the film to a different demographic.

For Best Foreign Language Film, Japan has submitted movies since 1954 except 1976 till now. However, It’s the third time (“Weathering For You” also known as “Tenki no Ko”) when Japan selected an animated film for this award after Pom Poko in 1994 & Princess Mononoke in 1997. Hayao Miyazaki’s name conveyed fame and power in Japan. Yet, among his work, only Princess Mononoke was selected for Best Foreign Language award in 1997.


Box Office Collection for Tenki no Ko

The movie “Weathering With You” broke through the box office record of 10 billion and the number of tickets sold exceeds 7.5 million till now. Japan’s box office record to this day goes to Spirited Away. It also won the Mainichi Film Award and Japan Academy Award. Spirited Away also holds the record for the first anime to win the Oscar for the Best Animated Pictures.

We can see this film in the 44th Toronto International Film Festival (5 September to 15th September) Special Presentations.

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