‘One Piece’ Latest Chapter Reveals the Origin of Roronoa Zoro

Chapter 953 revealed some really interesting info regarding the Shimotsuki clan, or perhaps about the origin of Roronoa Zoro. There was two Shimotsuki daimyo (Hakumai and Ringo) in Wano before Kaido took over it. Shimotsuki clan was also a powerful clan similar to Kozuki clan. They ruled over the eastern part of Wano and also claiming the legendary samurai Ryuma as one of its ancestors. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on One Piece Manga.

One Piece Latest Chapter Hinted about the Origin of Roronoa Zoro

It’s fascinating to bestow a sword to those who born in Ringo as a tradition. “A sword to accompany them throughout their life”. It raises some questions, What if because of this tradition Kuina owned Wado Ichimonji at such a young age. 

Origin of Zoro
Koshiro and Kuina

This tradition may have been kept alive by those members of the Shimotsuki clan that moved to the East Blue. It seems a given by now that the Shimotsuki village where Zoro trained was established by the people from Wano. In an SBS, Author stated that a certain ship sailed to East Blue a long time ago. Maybe the people on board are of Shimotsuki clan. They probably started living in East Blue and continued this tradition of bestowing a sword to a newborn baby.

True Origin of Roronoa Zoro

As we know, Shimotsuki clan ruled over the eastern part of Wano and also claiming the legendary samurai Ryuma as one of its ancestors. Coincidently, the name of Zoro’s home village in East Blue is Shimotsuki. We don’t know yet how all this sums up, but we do know that Zoro and Ryuma have some sort of connection. Roronoa Zoro featured so much around Yasuie’s death, this probably is telling us something, possibly about the connection of Zoro and Yasuie. We don’t know much about the past of Zoro, But I believe Oda might reveal Zoro’s history in a couple of chapters.

According to Zoro’s Vivre card, He is from Shimotsuki village in East Blue. Also, In Chapter 953, we found out about the powerful Shimotsuki family leading Ringo. I think we are slowly getting where Zoro is from and what is his origin.