One Piece Chapter 969 Official Raw Scans, Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 969 Raw Scans leaked online and this article will cover the leaked spoilers of the chapter. As a reminder, this post contains major spoilers for the upcoming chapter, if you want to quit this is the right time. Let’s start!

One Piece Chapter 969 Raw Scans


Oden demands Orochi to give back the title of shogun back because he is only a stand-in for Oden. In addition to that, the old woman with the ability of Mane Mane no Mi take place of Sukiyaki and tells Oden that it is too late and all the Daimyos consider Orochi their Shogun. The old woman is Kurozumi Higurashi. 

One year later, Oden discovered through a newspaper about Roger’s execution. He starts laughing and crying at the same time looking at the newspaper.

In this chapter, it was also revealed that Moria fought against Kaido, in the process, he steals Ryuma’s body and Shusui. Fans always wanted to know about this duel, at last, the author heard fans request and revealed in One Piece Chapter 969.


After 5 years of patience, Oden gets furious over Orochi as he promised him 2 things and broke those promises. One of them is to return Hyougoro and the other is to give him a ship. However, Kaido kills Oden’s family, which leads  Oden to gather his scabbard to fight against the evil lunatic.

Oden’s naked dance

Oden forced to dance naked for 5 years, every single day. It is still unclear whether Kozuki Oden allowed himself to be humiliated because he wanted to atone the terrible mistake he did for turning his back on Wano and the people when they needed him.

It was promised him that if he does the naked dance. Orochi would release the ministry’s family and the Wano people working at the butterflies factory. In addition to that, they would also return the generals. He goes against the evil forces because they broke the promises, and killed countless innocent lives.


There is no break next week, so One Piece Chapter 970 is going to officially release on 2nd February.

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