Solo Leveling: Only I Level Up Chapter 106 Spoilers [UPDATE]

Chapter 105 came out earlier, it gave us some epic moments where Kaisel gets summoned and the Ant King gets revived. Fans are anxiously waiting for the next chapter, the author ended this chapter with a cliffhanger. So, we will be talking in this article about Solo Leveling: Only I Level Up Chapter 106 spoilers and release date.

Solo Leveling Chapter 106 Spoilers

After this chapter, fans are curious to see what level of intelligence Beru has. Moreover, Byeong Gu said thank you right as he was released, and the earlier chapters have pointed out that the shadows have some level of social awareness. They cheer for Jin-woo, help each other and have unusual facial reactions. Beru was preoccupied with finding the “King” which we know is similar to “Sovereign” a concept they’ve begun to explore. Does he now acknowledge his master? Can he speak? Well, Solo Leveling Chapter 106 will explain all these questions.


The Birth of New Ant King

Jin-woo successfully resurrected the ant king in this chapter, he might try resurrecting the ant queen in Chapter 106. Well, the main function of Ant Queen was not to fight but to give birth to the other ants. Her addition to Jin-woo’s army was not that beneficial for our hero. He might not try to get her shadow or if he does he will erase it after knowing she can’t fight and her only work is to give birth to those ants.


Only I Level Up Chapter 106
Sung Jin Woo

He finally reached Level 100 in this chapter and now we don’t know how powerful he really is, with the addition of Ant King in his shadow army. Also, we only saw a tiny fraction of Ant King’s power against Jin-woo but the coming chapter will reveal the true strength of his power. The reaction of the public after this battle will be epic.


Jin-woo’s mother doesn’t know that her son is a hunter. However, in Solo Leveling chapter 106, she might learn the true identity of Sung Jin-woo. Before this arc, Jin-woo’s name was probably only mentioned on the internet. Now after this fight against the Ant King, everyone will talk about him as he single-handedly saved Korea plus it will be showcased everywhere even in print.

Release Date

Only I Level Up Chapter 106 is going to release on 19th February 2020.

Solo Leveling: Only I Level Up Chapter 106 leaks

The leaks haven’t released online yet, they most possibly arrive a day before the official release which suggests we can expect Chapter 106 leaks on 12th February 2020The spoilers for the chapter haven’t released yet. When we get any news regarding chapter 106 we will update this article. So, keep visiting DiscoverDiary for m0re awesome content. Join our Reddit Community.