Kingdom Chapter 632 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Official Release Date

Chapter 931 came out earlier, however, many fans got disappointed because of the supernatural aspects. But it was not bad, at least we get to see Shousa and Kyogai one last time. Shin talking with Hyou one last time before making general is really fitting narrative-wise. The Raw Scan of Kingdom Chapter 632 arrived online you can check the leaks below, remember this post contains official spoilers. 

Kingdom Chapter 632 raw scans, leaks



Shin woke up and the whole HSU is freaking out while Shin seems puzzled. The HSU starts grabbing him and it was expected he is in a lot of pain. 


Kyou Kai is lost and finds her sister. Shou tells her why she said that she couldn’t use this technique is it because she finds a man she likes enough to utilize this technique. Later, Shou asks Kyou Kai if she likes Shin, but she avoids the question by telling her that Shin is just a comrade. The talk goes between both the sister… however after a while, Shou gives her 1 bad news and 2 good news. The bad news is Kyou Kai life span dropped because of the technique. The good news is still unknown…


Kyou Kai wakes up, Shin doesn’t remember anything and reveals that he saw her in a dream and thanks to her. Mou Ten and co. arrives at the scene, they were nervous as it seemed Shin died. An HSU soldier yells that they should chase Ri Boku, with that sound Hi Shin Unit reformed. Shin and Kyou Kai are out of commission and can’t follow Ri Boku. Moreover, Mou Ten explains the situation to them, the whole thing is explained with great details to them. Now, Shin affirms that they should chase Ri Boku now who is going towards Gyou. However, Mou Ten says that we will hear from Ou Sen soon. The battle on Shukai plains was their victory. 

There is no break next week.

Kingdom Chapter 631 Review

We must be glad that Kyou Kai is alive, she basically fought half the fight against Hou Ken and now she brought back Shin, without even caring that she will die in the process. From a character standpoint, this was a great chapter. Kyou Kai truly is amazing and it ended with some serious development in the relationship between Kyou Kai and Shin.


In this chapter, it felt like Kyou Kai did help but it was Shin’s own will that brought him back. Still wondering if Kyou Kai will indeed have a shorter lifespan because of that. 

Shin is back and Kyou Kai is safe but some peoples didn’t like the idea of this supernatural resurrection. He fought and killed Hou Ken and died from the effort. Shin then shrugs off death and gets back up. For uneducated superstitious ancient China, Shin is going to get a divine status.

Release Date

Chapter 632 of Kingdom Manga is going to officially release on 20th February 2020. The raw scans have already leaked, you can read the leaks above. You can join our Reddit Community for more awesome news.