The Connection Between God Usopp And Giant Goldberg

Giant Pirate Goldberg.

His shield is very attractive. I don’t think this is a homie because Big Mom got her strengths after she left Elbaf. More relevant would be that the shield of Goldberg has consumed some sort of Devil fruit. We have observed this before:

– The sword which is occupied by Spandam name: Funkfreed


– The gun which is held by Mr. 4 (Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dachshund): Lassoo

Things eating Devil Fruit is reasonable through the method developed by Vegapunk.

Observations made by Oda can be quite small, just as tiny as this idea is:


-Ussop is connected with Elbaf home of Giants.

-The pants & braces are much Usopp-like.

-The cape is quite like Sogeking’s cape.


-The button/pin is a flower (Ussop plants).

It would be mysterious if the Strawhats would never get a Devil Fruit, they have the greatest adventure in the One Piece universe and not finding a Devil Fruit.. ?

Then again, who would have the Devil Fruit? Every member has other abilities so that they do not require to have a Devil Fruit. Nami is 1 of the weakest yet she has her weather power which is now overpowered. Usopp is a godlike sniper though… he is GOD Usopp.

A God can have an insanely great weapon. Oda prefers making weak characters powerful and right now Usopp is continually getting that procedure. His title is GOD but that is, however, a lie.. and as we, all acknowledge lies that relate with Usopp come true.

There is a large list of weapons for the Gods in Greek mythology. Also in Norse mythology. Which come near to the case of Elbaf. Also: Elbaf will be Usopp’s arc.

Sanji: Islands made out of food. [Whole Cake Island]

Zoro: Wano (his Katana was owned by a legend there).

Usopp: Elbaf, land of the total brave.

Since it kind of makes no thought for a Strawhat member to consume a devil fruit, I believe Usopp’s weapon will have a fruit. Apparently in a way like this:

Any character is getting beaten probably a giant. The new Devil Fruit is the key and Ussop can shoot this devil fruit to the giant character from range. However, when he shoots nothing gets out… It has been consumed by his weapon: The Kuro Kabuto.

Usopp being the protagonist to save Elbaf with his powerful weapon.

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