Return Of The All Six Forgotten Universes 13 To 18

Return Of The All Six Forgotten Universes 13 To 18
Android 17 requested the Golden Shenron to return all of the Universes that were erased so does that imply only for this ToP or all time! Sometimes unusual things occur when you make an indefinite wish and from a authors point of view, there could be so many to try from reviving the forgotten 6 Universes.

Do I want this to be the case? Of course but first, let’s look at why the 6 Universes were erased and are it ok with Zen-oh for them to come back. The reason Whis states is the Omni King’s mood was a little bit spoiled and all of them went… Whis who is vague as always and doesn’t give an exact real reason because this doesn’t tell us why. We now know that Zen-oh does put some thought into what he erases. So did these Universes have a low mortal level too? Were they troublesome and fighting too much? There has to be a specific reason why Zen-oh erased these exact 6 Universes. Nothing would suggest for it to be totally random and they got the bad luck of the draw.


Also If Zen-oh already predetermined that there could be only one wish and that someone would need to be virtuous enough to consider the other Universes. Then he must know that how this wish is worded would mean the original 6 Universes could be brought back as well. He would have foreseen that outcome. So he is most likely okay with them coming back as a result of someone making this wish. Besides he could easily just erase these 6 Universes again if there is a good reason too.

The way I see it though there is no reason for these 6 Universes to not be wished back. The wish is clear please restore “ALL” of the Universes that were erased. I do want to point out that Frost was erased separately and even he did return. Makes you wonder if anything else that was erased separately did also come back, but that is another topic. To sum up is this definite they are back? Well with an 8-month break till the movie comes out there could be so many things in the works that only makes sense for them to be back. While we won’t know for sure till later and remember this Saiyan in the movie is from a different time. These Universes were erased long ago so it does start to seem as if these pieces are starting to add up. The movie very well could be about this Saiyan from one of the forgotten 6 Universes that were erased long ago. It does have a very nice ring to it.