These Are the 21 Cartoons that Marked the Childhood of Millennials

Most kids watched cartoons while growing up. Cartoons evoked a sense of belonging, happiness, and companionship. There was even a channel dedicated to animation called the Cartoon Network. For Millenials, we love to reminisce on the joy of watching morning cartoons.

As of 2020, the animation industry is worth $270 billion, with the ever-evolving taste of kids expecting better visual effects, high-quality graphics, and engaging stories. But today we’re going to look at 21 great cartoon programs that bring back happy memories for Millenials.  

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The Flintstones  

If you ever watch The Flintstones, you will remember Fred, Wilma, Pebbles, and Dino. The story revolved around the family and their neighbors. It highlighted common cultural issues depicted in stone-age. Plus, the fun conversations between the couple made us laugh out loud. 

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Did you know that the Flintstones released in 1960? It is one of the most successful and longest-running TV shows to date. There only show that beats The Flintstones is The Simpsons. 

The Millennials have gotten so smitten by the show that there are even themed cafes worldwide based on The Flintstones.   


The Powerpuff Girls   

Do you still remember the three little kindergarten girls, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom? The story revolved around the little girls who helped the citizens of their hometown towns. These girls would be at the beck and call of the mayor to fight crime.  

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With over 78 episodes that spanned many years, the Powerpuff Girls stood for women’s empowerment. What made it more fun was that these little girls also had to fight growing-up issues like headaches, losing their teeth, and fighting among themselves.  

The Swat Kats            

If you actively watched cartoons as a kid, you must not have missed the Swat Kats. T-bone and Razor used a fancy fighter plane and other tools to beat the villains and save MegaKat City. They worked as mechanics and in disguise monitored their beloved city for threats. 

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T-bone and Razor, also known as the Swat Kats, were the heroes of the town who ensured that the city was safe at all times. You could also see the humor between the Swat Kats and the commissioner, among other characters. 

The Centurions  

If Power Puff Girls was about three little girls with superpowers, then The Centurions was about three men who had super abilities. Each one took care of threats on either land, water, or the skies. And who can forget the slogan they used to suit up: “Power Extreme!”

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What made the show fun was its technological advancement. For example, whenever these men needed their weapons, they would call on their colleagues to beam them gadgets and armor.  

Captain Planet   

One of the great nostalgic cartoons during the 2000s was Captain Planet. Six teenagers worked as a team and lived a regular life, however, they also had special powers in the form of a ring. They could summon their skills by using the ring against anything and anyone.    

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The unique element of the show was the character Captain Planet. Whenever the teens felt that things were going out of hand, they would summon the Captain. There was also another character called Gaia, considered as the caretaker and mother of the planet.   

The Popeye Show  

If you were a Millennial kid, then you loved spinach Popeye, the sailor, his crush Olive, and his antagonist Bluto. Popeye would have a can of spinach and gain super strength to beat Bluto or save Olive from any danger lurking around. 

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The show became an instant hit with kids and parents. It also taught kids to start loving their greens at an early age. After all, every kid wanted to have spinach and be a hero to someone. Do not forget Wimpy, the burger guy. He was practically nonchalant about everything around him.  

Tom and Jerry  

No one on this planet does not know about this cartoon. The story revolved around the cat Tom and mouse Jerry and their quintessential cat-mouse chase throughout the episodes filled with fun and frolic. Then there were the dogs who would save Jerry from nasty plans that Tom made. 

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What made the show an instant hit were the fabulous short stories. The mouse would always come out as a winner over the cat. The facial expressions of both the characters made people laugh hard. The background music and the other characters added to the fun. 


The show primarily focuses on teenagers and a dog called Scooby-Doo, who solved crime in the city. Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy were the Sherlocks of the cartoon network.  

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The show was a hit due to the different short stories presented in each episode. Also, the star highlight of the show was Scooby-Doo and his antics with his friends. Most times, it was him who caught the culprit in the rib-tickling thriller.  

Johnny Bravo  

Everyone loved Johnny Bravo for his funny antics. His funny actions of karate made the show even better.   

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He depicted himself as a confident ladies’ man however Johnny Bravo almost never got any girl to like him back. 


Did you know that the full-form of this series was called Pokémon Masters? The story began with the main character Ash Ketchum wanting to be a Pokémon master and all the trials and tribulations he went through.  

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There are many spin-offs of Pokémon like the Pokémon Chronicles, even a video game series. The last episode of the 24th season of Pokémon will be streaming on Netflix in the United States later this year.  

The Simpsons  

The Simpsons revolved around the satirical American lifestyle and people related to the family of Bart, Maggie, Lisa, Marge, and Homer, and the cast of characters from the town of Springfield.

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People connected with the show due to its depiction of the middle-class American dilemma. The Simpsons were dysfunctional as a family. They had a good rapport with each other and entertained us with their buffoonery.  

Dexter‘s Laboratory  

Do you remember a little boy wearing glasses with the mind of a genius? The story revolved around Dexter experimenting in his hidden laboratory at home, only to find out that his annoying sister ruined his day.  

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The show even won a Prime-time Emmy award in 1996. There are very few shows worldwide today that can pull off a feat like Dexter‘s Laboratory. The show last aired in 2003.  


Superman comes and goes but he is a man of steel. The story revolved around a nerdy guy named Clark Kent who also happened to be Superman in disguise. 

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His love for Lois Lane and to fight crime in the city was never-ending.  His only weakness was the Kryptonite. 

Duck Tails  

Do you remember the Scottish accent of Scrooge McDuck? The story revolved around the astute business duck who had to take care of three child ducks Huey, Dewey, and Louie.  

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The nostalgic show also brought in the antagonist Flintheart Glomgold who sought to take over Scrooge as the richest duck in the whole world. 

Samurai Jack  

Samurai Jack revolved around Jack, who was a samurai going after his arch-nemesis Aku. He would wield his super-powerful katana to unsettle his enemy.

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The show was exciting and thrilling. Jack went through trials and tribulations to come back to his timeline. The show won Prime-time Emmy awards, an award for Outstanding Animated Program, and at least six other awards.   

Justice league  

If you were a DC fan growing up, you must have watched the Justice League animated television series that ran for four years starting in 2001. The show was a prequel to the Batman series created by Warner Brothers  

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Many characters are featured in different episodes. The few prominent ones which we all know today were the Joker, Lex Luther, Dark Side, among others. The team delivered justice on planet Earth. 

The Spectacular Spiderman  

The Spiderman movie series is a complete replica of this cartoon series of the 2000s. The nostalgic early years of Peter Parker and how he got bitten by a genetically modified spider were part of season 1. 

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In season 2, Peter Parker‘s complicated lifestyle after acquiring superpowers and a storyline about his close friends is emotional and engaging. Unfortunately, the show got canceled for the third season. 

SpongeBob Squarepants

Remember the cheesy square-looking eye-popping SpongeBob Squarepants? The story revolves around the aquatic city of Bikini Bottom, where SpongeBob and his friends interacted and dealt with everyday situations.  

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The show was part of the Nickelodeon franchise that made the company $13 billion worldwide.   

Avatar the Last Airbender  

The show Avatar the Last Airbender was rated 9.2 as per IMDb. The series revolved around the main protagonists and the Last Airbender monk of his clan. He worked with his friends Katara, Sokka, and Toph to end the world war between nations.  

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The show has won multiple awards since 2005. There are even books, prequel stories, and video games.  

Dave The Barbarian  

Remember the cowardly buffoon, Dave the barbarian? The story revolved around Dave and his sisters. They mismanaged the kingdom when the parents were away on a supposed fight with evil.  

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The show lasted only one season with 21 episodes but it took digs on Conan the Barbarian, among other notable movies. These spoofs formed a regular part of the show and would have its audience in splits.  

The Batman  

The ever dark secretive and dangerous city of Gotham always needed Batman to protect them from evil. He also fought with villains like Calendar Man, and Firefly, among others.  

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There were many variations of The Batman. As kids, we always used to compare which was the best in terms of design and delivery.   


The cartoon characters in the stories that we grew up watching are eternal. The nostalgia and emotion attached to those characters are unparalleled. 

Unfortunately, due to the change in the taste and preferences of kids from the 21st century, almost all of these programs are no longer running and will exist in our memories for the rest of our lives.