Top 5 Most Powerful Swords In The World Of One Piece

Everyone likes a great sword battle, and there are some strong swordsperson in the world of One Piece. Only a few people hold these special swords, and these are considerably more powerful when compared to a normal sword. let’s start with the list of Top 5 Most Powerful Swords In The World Of One Piece.

Top 5 Most Powerful Swords In The World Of One Piece

5. Pretzel


Pretzel is wielded by Charlotte Cracker, and it is a longsword. It is a double-edged sword and is longer than Cracker himself. It is Cracker’s primary method of attack, and he can use it with his Devil Fruit ability.

Cracker told himself that this longsword holds no equal. It is also probably a Saijo O Wazamono grade sword, which would make it one of the 12 most powerful blades in One Piece.

4. Nidai Kitetsu


Nidai Kitesu is the second most powerful Kitetsu in its family. Moreover, this sword is also cursed just like other Kitetsu.

It brings horrible death to its owner, and there only a few people who dare to use this sword. It hasn’t been shown in the series so far. Further, there are only 12 Saijo Ō Wazamono swords that outclass this sword in the whole world.

3. Shusui


Shisui is one of the 21-Ō-Wazamono class swords, and it was first seen in Thriller Bark arc. The Handed-down Samurai, Ryuma was it’s the previous owner, and following Ryuma was defeated by Zoro, Zoro became its new master. Shusui is created by excessively increasing the damage and power of the holder.

Shusui’s biggest quality is its endurance, and it according to Roronoa Zoro, it will not crack, yet if a dinosaur step on it. With this Sword, Zoro was able to hold Oars’ punch. Furthermore, this sword is too viewed the national treasure from the Wano Country.

2. Shodai Kitetsu

Shodai Kitetsu is the first Kitetsu to be made and also it is strongest Kitetsu. It is also one of the Saijo-O-Wazamono class swords, which makes it notably rare.

This sword is too cursed and more brings terrible death to its master. Still, this sword is a lot long-drawn than all other Kitetsu in the one piece series. It is handled by one of the Gorosei. yet it capabilities haven’t been shown, we will surely witness it in the future.

1. Yoru

This is one of the 12 Saijo-O-Wazamono class swords, and it is one of the One Piece’s strongest swords. It is too reflected as the finest sword in the world of One Piece, and it is the primary Saijo-O-Wazamono class Sword to be revealed in the series.

Dracule Mihawk is the owner of this sword. Mihawk is able to chop ships as well as ice mountains, It is the finest sword in the World, though, it is also extremely gentle.