One Piece Manga Chapter 898 Spoilers

“One Piece” manga chapter 898 is around to be released.

The Germa 66 is supposed to show off their abilities in the following chapter. With their arrival, the outcome of Luffy and Sanji Vs. Big Mom’s Pirates will be in their support and fans are seeing forward to recognizing if the Vinsmokes are strong enough for Big Mom Pirates.


With the action-bound manga chapter 897, fans of Oda’s famous series are further expecting even extra adventures from chapter 898. Smoothie is assumed to finally show her strengths and powers. She has not had the chance to fight yet.

Luffy has previously beaten the other two Sweet Commanders of Big Mom, Cracker and Katakuri. Whether or not Luffy would be competing Vs. Smoothie is something we all are also expecting to happen.

Title of One Piece Chapter 898 – We’ll Definitely Return


The Big Mom pirates fire at the Vinsmokes. The Vinsmokes say Sanji to take Luffy off the island. Oven faces the Vinsmokes. Over on Mont-D’ors team, he and Baron Tamago are freaking out. It appears the Vinsmokes defeated Nusstorte.

Back to Sunny, Daifuku has appeared on Smoothie’s ship. The Strawhats get a call on their den-den mushi. Thousand Sunny is ordered to move to another location.

On Cacao Island, Big Mom Pirate teams are being taken out efficiently. Sanji is moving with Luffy in hand, and Brulee is freaking out over the entropy taking place. Germa 66 supports Sanji get off the island. Ichiji strikes Oven. Niji scolds Sanji telling at his speed he’s going to get blasted full of holes. He then throws Sanji out towards the Thousand Sunny.