Top 5 Strongest Pirate Crews Ranked In One Piece – 2018

The universe of One Piece had a huge number of Pirate Crews travelling on the seas. Few of these Pirate crews are unusually strong.

So, I’ve created a list of the five mightiest Pirate Crews in One Piece.


5. Remaining Whitebeard Pirates

The Whitebeard Pirates were recognized as the mightiest Pirate Crew. The Yonko Edward Newgate previously led them. After his end, they were driven by Marco. Their current locations are hidden.

4. Big Mom Pirates


The Big-Mom Pirates are one of the four strongest pirate group in the One Piece world.
Yet without Big Mom in the association, the remainder of the crew displays sufficient strength and control to do a broad category of activities.

Big Mom solely trusted some of her underlings to entire slaughter islands to steal cake ingredients, and the parts of her crew are considered special in their powers to dispose of enemies without Big Mom having to make concerned at all.

3. Blackbeard Pirates


The Yonko Marshall D. Teach drives the Blackbeard Pirates. This crew also encountered the Remainders of the Whitebeard Pirates and crushed them all.

Blackbeard’s crew is nearly as strong as the Shanks Crew. Now that Teach has two powerful Devil Fruit powers and a crew that can rival up with Shanks Pirates. there’s no doubt that the Blackbeard pirates are a surprisingly dominating power in the New World.

2. Beasts Pirates

Beast Pirates are an organization of ruthless people, who have fighters of Zoan type Devil Fruit users following their control. They’ve too currently taken control over the Wano Country.

The Captain, Kaido Of The Beast, who is assumed to be immortal, Have 3 right-hand men, reputably the person with the greatest bounty, Jack the Drought. They also plan to begin the “Biggest war the World has ever witnessed.”

1. Red-Haired Pirates

The Red Hair Pirates dominate the New World, besides with the other Yonkos. Their crew consists of quite fearsome figures, which are at least at the level of a Marine Admiral. Shanks is arguably the mightiest figure in One Piece later the loss of Whitebeard.