All 5 Known Cyborgs In The World Of One Piece

5. Franky

Franky, also recognized as “Cyborg” Franky, is a shipwright also a member of the Mugiwara Pirates. When Franky was a child, he was a marvellous shipbuilder and he created many warships. Franky was amazingly proficient at building material, and his skills far surpassed his brother, Icebergs.


Franky’s personal body was, though, messed up when the circumstances of Water 7. Various people thought he was deceased, but he somehow survived to rebuild his body and changed himself into a Cyborg. Following the 2-year time-skip, he performed several other modifications to his body by reading the material near at Vegapunk’s previous laboratory.

4. Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma is a previous member of the Revolutionary Army. He was originally introduced at Thriller Bark. He has presented some sort of a contract with the WG, and he offered to become an experiment subject for the Pacifista plan. While the Marineford War, Doflamingo said that Kuma has wasted his conscious, and he let Vegapunk transform his whole body, to transform him into a cyborg. He is now recognized as “PX0”. Kuma was also revealed after the 2-year time-skip, on Sabaody Archipelago, where he was performing his job of defending the Thousand Sunny.


3. Scotch

Scotch, also identified as “Iron Boy” Scotch, is the pirate serving for the Yonko, Kaido The Beasts. He too is a keeper of one Kaido’s favourite islands.
Scotch is a mighty person who single-handedly prevented Gaburu’s rebellion. But, he was next beaten by Caribou with ease, and it was essentially because of Caribou’s Logia Class Devil Fruit.

2. Vitan


Vitan is a notorious pirate who has earned a title for himself in the New World. He was able to become an associate of the Whitebeard. Vitan was too introduced at the Marineford War, amongst many other associates who were already there.
His strength is still unknown, but his whole body is composed of iron and that presents him a Cyborg. Since he was capable of making a name for himself, it can be considered he is pretty dominant.

1. Pacifista

Pacifista’s are the human-made weapons that were built by Vegapunk. Every Single Pacifista seems exactly similar to the Warlord Bartholomew Kuma because he was the experiment subject they were created upon. These cyborgs too have been altered during the 2-year time-skip, and are presently far mightier than before.

Pacifista’s are essentially run by Sentomaru, and they can further use Kizaru’s laser, which has been placed by the Vegapunk. This enables them to cause large-scale havoc, as we observed throughout the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, and also in the Marineford arc.