Top Ten Anime Antagonists/Villains Of All Time

Top Ten Anime Antagonists/Villains Of All Time


  • Frieza (Dragonball Z) – Frieza is the emperor of Universe 7. He is feared for his ruthlessness and power. He is the descendant of Chilled, the second son of King Cold, the younger brother of Coller, and the father of Kuriza. It was because of Frieza’s actions that led Goku to arrive on Earth. He is the main antagonist of the whole franchise making him the most recurring villain of the Dragonball series.



Unexpectedly, Frieza talks in a civilized and refined manner. He handles every situation with a methodical approach. He is fully aware of his reputation and is even kind of proud of it. Frieza can be summed up as intelligent and composed yet extremely sadistic and a complete psychopath.  



  • Aizen (Bleach) – Sosuke Aizen is the former captain of the 5th division in the Gotei 13. Aizen later left the Soul Society with his two followers, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tousen. After waging war against Soul Society with an army of Arrancar, Aizen was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki and sealed away by Kisuke Urahara, and then imprisoned for his crimes.




Aizen is soft-spoken and polite all the time with his subordinates. He is usually casual and uncaring showing minimal signs of distress or alarm. At one point in time, he was very kind and well-respected captain but soon everyone realized that it was just a mask hiding his manipulative and dangerous nature. He has a very manipulative nature and is willing to use everyone and anyone for his own benefits. He stops at nothing to further his ambitions even though it means killing anyone if he deems it necessary.  


  • Light (Death Note) – Yagami Light is the main protagonist of the Death Note series. Upon getting his hands on a notebook that can kill anyone if you write their full name in it, called Death Note, he goes on a killing spree with the intentions of ridding this world of criminals.



By nature, Light is a natural genius. He is hardworking, talented and is loved by his peers and family. However, his high intelligence and constant praise led to the intense level of hubris that was produced after obtaining the notebook. Just like his father, Light also has a strong sense of justice. But this sense is quickly eroded under the influence of the notebook’s power. Through the use of the Death Note, Light quickly begins to develop a cold and ruthless nature. As a utilitarian, he will take any means in order to achieve his goals.


  • Marshall D. Teach/ Blackbeard (One Piece) – Blackbeard is the admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates and a member of the Yonko. He is also the only one in the whole world to have the powers of two devil fruits. He is a huge man with height almost twice of Luffy’s. He has a massive build as his body is round with relatively thin limbs.



Blackbeard’s personality is a little hard to pinpoint to a particular trait. While at times he seems strong and confident, in others he is weak and stupid. He is power hungry and greedy. His dream is similar to Luffy’s, to become the Pirate King. He is very similar to Luffy in terms of character traits like having a voracious appetite, carefree attitude, reckless nature, etc.


  • Utsuro (Gintama) – Utsuro was the founder of the Tenshouin Naraku. He is the original identity and self of Yoshida Shouyou. He is the main antagonist in the Gintama series.



Utsuro is emotionless and even fearless due to experiencing multiple deaths. Even though being immortal, he longs for death. The only thing that awakens his interest is when he stumbles upon an opponent who is strong enough to try to kill him. As a result of being born with the ability to absorb massive amounts of Altana, Utsuro has amazing regenerative abilities. He has insane swordsmanship skills. He is able to fight Sougo, Nobume and Kagura head on at the same time.    


  • Cell (Dragonball Z) – Cell is the perfect creation of Dr. Gero. he came from a future timeline designed to possess all the abilities of the greatest fighters to have ever inhabited to visited Earth. He was one of the few Red Ribbon Androids not directly created by Dr. Gero but by his supercomputer.



Cell has an original personality mixed with the various characters’ personality and traits. Unlike other villains in the series, Cell is quite unique in that he is strangely sophisticated. He is able to psychologically manipulate his enemies and exploit their weaknesses to his advantage.  


  • Lelouch (Code Geass) – Lelouch was the eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and the son of the 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia. He was also the leader of the Black Knights and the real identity of Zero.



Lelouch is very intelligent, sophisticated and a tad bit arrogant due to his aristocratic upbringing. He conducts himself as very sociable, likable and often easygoing but in truth, all of this is just a mask to hide his true nature. In truth, Lelouch is ruthless and selfish. He is willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone if it achieves his objectives.  


  • Johan Liebert (Monster) – Johan Liebert is the main antagonist in the manga and anime series Monster. He is a psychopathic and ruthless serial killer.

Johan Liebert


Johan is a sociopath with no emotions whatsoever. He revels in human suffering. He has claimed that he has two personalities, one of which compels him to commit murder and the other one tries stops them. He is ruthless, cruel, remorseless, uncaring, and manipulative. But he pretends to be very calm, patient, tactical, and methodical, never losing his temper even when confronted over his crimes, and able to manipulate people into doing his bidding, easily.


  • Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter) – Hisoka Morow is a Hunter and former member #4 of the Phantom Troupe. He is always in search for strong opponents and would spare those who have great potential.



With his manipulative and self-centered nature, Hisoka is essentially a murderous sociopath. He will not hesitate to kill anyone should they not meet his standards. He also can be a liar and has a tendency to freak out or play cruel jokes on his victims.


  • Shishio Makoto (Rurouni Kenshin) – Shishio Makoto is the primary antagonist of the Kyoto arc and a former Ishin Shishi Hitokiri known as the Battosai’s successor.



Shishio is very ruthless, sadistic, and cold-blooded. He seems completely devoid of compassion or mercy throughout the series. But he is not entirely heartless because he seems to be deeply in love with Yumi Komagata. Shishio displays an extraordinary level of intelligence and insight. He is also quite manipulative using a person for his own benefits.  

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