Boruto Chapter 29 Leaks, Spoilers, Release Date

The previous Boruto manga chapter (Boruto Chapter 28) was really great and I really enjoyed the slice of life moments. Naruto hugging Kawaki was truly my highlight for this chapter. We can sense the troubled in Naruto’s face as he believes what Kawaki must’ve been through. Now progressing ahead to the Boruto Chapter 29 spoiler and release date post. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest updates. Enjoy!

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for Boruto Chapter 29.


Boruto Chapter 29 Spoilers, Leaks

Boruto 29 Leaks

The writing for the forthcoming Kawaki retrieval must be especially good for Kashin to actually have a possibility to take Kawaki. Judging from what we’ve witnessed from him so far, he can’t win next to Naruto in a fight. And even if he’s a lot powerful I don’t notice him beating Naruto at this moment.

Kashin is trying to locate Kawaki but once he discovers out he is with Naruto I don’t imagine he would battle with him by himself. Since Boruto is out alone perhaps Kashin will try getting him instead. Koji is clearly going to at least attempt to seize Boruto in next chapter (Boruto Chapter 29), he’s naive and just left the house, though I would love to see Boruto and Jigen communicate.


Kashin Koji vs Naruto fight

I still decline to believe Kashin Koji is Jiraya, I think he’s either Jiraya’s son or Kara succeeded to find Jiraya’s dead body in the ocean and created a clone of him. This chapter (Boruto Chapter 28) just hard established that Kashin Koji was primarily linked to Konoha. Rasengan was previously a clue, but he could’ve been a foreigner, however, his chakra also seems to already be enrolled in the village which means, he’s quite close with Konoha. This makes me wonder about his age too, the fact that he knows about the former functionality of the sensory barrier system and the fact that it’s also been explained, he has the up-to-date information or even right following the war.

Boruto Chapter 29 Spoilers


With Kajin Koji actually hunts down Kawaki in Konoha, I’d be willing to bet this is setting up a fight between Naruto and Kashin Koji in Boruto chapter 29. Koji’s link to Jiraiya might be shocking to the audience, but it’ll be irrelevant to any character that doesn’t know Jiraiya. Dramatically, Naruto would be the most affected by Koji revealing or just hinting to be related to Jiraiya in some way.

Boruto Chapter 29 Release Date

Kashin Koji made this the chapter with the greatest cliffhanger in the manga currently as well. We will surely get to know more about Kashin Koji in Boruto Chapter 29.

Boruto Chapter 29 Release Date

We will have to remain another month for Boruto’s following chapter. The release date of this chapter is 26th November.