Boku no Hero Academia 192 Spoilers & Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia 192 is almost here, we will be examining the spoilers and release date for Chapter 192. The earlier chapter of Boku no Hero Academia was certainly remarkable. Before we go deeper into the parts of the chapter, let me inform you that this article is loaded with spoilers. So, if you don’t desire to be spoiled, then you should quit reading.

Boku no Hero Academia 191 Summary

Boku no Hero Academia 192 Spoilers


My Hero Academia Chapter 191 was an excellent one. The focus was on 3 characters: Dabi, Endeavor and Hawks. After Endeavor had brought down the advanced Nomu, Dabi arrived all of an unexpected.

Dabi and his quirk

Dabi used his power and circled the area with blue flames. It seems that Dabi had some kind of unfinished business with No. 1 Hero.
He jumped to strike Hawks and Endeavor. However, he was left little by Miruko, who is the no five hero. Dabi had to leave.
Dabi knows Endeavor’s actual name.
Hawks meet with Dabi & it is shown they set the assault up.
It is further shown Hawks is acting privately in order to obtain the trust of the Villains.
It is shown that The League of Villains has someone with a warp quirk.


Endeavor and Shoto

Boku no Hero Academia 192 Spoilers

The following chapter will note the conclusion of one of the most excellent arcs of Boku no Hero Academia. In this chapter, we’ll receive to see the difficulties that Hawks has to endure while serving as a double agent for Heroes & Villains. His main purpose right now is to infiltrate the Villains. Somehow this does appear to be a tough job for him. He is facing difficulties whether to protect the people or doing wicked things so that he will be trusted by the League of Villains. So, will Hawks eventually infiltrate the league of Villains fortunately in the next chapter?

Endeavor's Past Revealed


Boku no Hero Academia 192 Release Date

The official release date of My Hero Academia chapter 192 is 30 July 2018 although the scans will be out 2-3 days before the release date.

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