The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 276 Spoilers

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 276 spoilers have been flowing on Reddit as well as Nerd4LifeBlog, with there being some speculations indicating that we might observe new information delivered about The Supreme Deity.

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 276 Spoilers:
Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 276

We haven’t actually gotten much news regarding The Supreme Deity(The Supreme Deity is the ruler of the Goddess Clan & mother of the primary Elizabeth). The greatest we have been provided is a brief picture of her & that’s it.


The Supreme Deity

However, there are several on Reddit that think that we will most probably never see her actual face though I deny this. It’s still hard to tell whether or not we will witness more from her in this future chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins.

Mael, Demon Or Angel

Finally, Mael begins to show his real power even without his grace because of Half-demon power. He is rather brutal, and it appears not to only demons. I query what will occur if Elizabeth tries protecting Gowther. Whats stronger? His anger of demons or his affection for Elizabeth? How much of this is his personal character & how much are the commandments chewing away at him?


Mael or Estarossa

I’m also actually thinking what Derieri is going to do in all of this happening. Who will Derieri hate more? Gowther for turning Mael or Mael for being the “Angel of Death” who was guilty of killing innumerable demons.

The Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 276 Release Date:

We will not be getting Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 276 be issued this week because of a short break, however, the manga will be back the following week.


There will also be 2 bonus special chapters delivered this week for Nanatsu No Taizai.

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