One Piece Manga Chapter 913: Worst Generation

After the fascinating chapter 912, we are in for an extra surprise with One Piece Manga chapter 913.
Before we start, I want to let you all know that this article holds spoilers. If you don’t desire to be spoiled, then it is beneficial for you if you don’t go forward with this article. However, if spoilers don’t worry you, we can start.

One Piece Manga Chapter 912 Summary
One Piece Manga Chapter 913

One Piece chapter 912 showed some significant details, we learned to know how Ace protected a lot of people at Wano & how he met Tama. 
Luffy explains to O-Tama that Ace has expired, causing her to lose consciousness.
Hitetsu has the Nidai Kitetsu in his property which we observe Luffy taking with him even after Hitetsu alerts him that it is a cursed weapon. Luffy chooses to take Tama to a doctor at the neighbouring town, On the way, he joins up with Zoro. Hawkins then gets to face Luffy and Zoro as they meet, and the two of them arm to fight.


One Piece Manga Chapter 913: Hawkins, Zoro and Luffy

Zoro and Luffy VS Hawkins

Getting to the spoilers of One Piece Manga chapter 913. I believe at the commencement of the chapter we’ll examine what Hawkins’ plans are. In my belief, he will not attack Zoro and Luffy and simply speak to them. He’ll get to understand their aims and intentions of being at Wano. Luffy will let him grasp without any uncertainty whatsoever that he’ll defeat Yonko Kaido.

Basil Hawkins may just not attack because his odds of winning next to those two probably be too low though who knows and he may really be in it to overthrow Kaido. This conflict right now would be comparable to Punk Hazard when we believed Luffy will battle Law but instead, they end up forming an alliance.


hawkins full power revealed

Plus, we understand that he plans to bring down an emperor himself & Shanks was his primary aim though it appears that Hawkins’ ideas are broken and Shanks is no longer his mark because of the prevailing situation. So, I believe that Hawkins will deceive Kaido and make a fresh alliance with Law & Luffy. This will be the central focus of One Piece Manga chapter 913.

One Piece Manga Chapter 913 Release Date

The official release date of One Piece Chapter 913 is August 6th 2018 although the scans will be out 2-3 days before to that.


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