Attack on Titan Chapter 108 Leaks & Release Date

After the great chapter 107, we are in for an extra surprise with Attack on Titan Chapter 108. Spoilers/Leaks have started to flow for the upcoming chapter on Reddit and they look pretty exciting. The Chapter 107 was pretty good & I anticipate Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 108 to be even greater.

Attack On Titan Chapter 107 Outlines


Attack on Titan Chapter 108 Leaks

  • We eventually see Historia, even if she’s beaten up.
  • Finally, we’re back on Paradis & leading on from the Marley arc.
  • Witnessing Sasha’s parents again.
  • Eren; just like the opinion of how far he will go to clean out his foes.

Attack On Titan Chapter 108 Leaks

Attack on Titan Chapter 108 Leaks

In the following chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin we’ll be seeing a sight of the characters following the time-skip which we all have been expecting to witness for actually a while now.

Also, Eren who’s in prison might eventually fly from it, which most of us are expecting to mark.  I don’t need Sasha’s father to go by any further emotional shock, though I imagine him meeting Gabi could determine to be an exciting dynamic linking the two.
Managing Eren appears to be impracticable. He’s going to totally throw off Paradis’s plan, & demand or frighten to see Zeke. They have previously attempted their very best to stop him. That’s where the dispute will happen.


Armin will object, Mikasa will be uncertain, and Eren will be merciless in needing to use the Wall Titans. Eren and Armin will have a duel and Armin fails and gets Annie to attempt to hold him. Paradis civil war happens while the world might start to assemble.

Attack On Titan Chapter 108 Release Date

The official release date of Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 108 is 9 August 2018


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