Boruto Chapter 26 Leaks And Release Date

Warning: Possible spoilers for Boruto Chapter 26 is ahead!

Boruto Chapter 25 Summary

As we anticipated the Boruto Manga Chapter 25 did begin with the battle between Kawaki & Garou. We noticed how easily Kawaki was able to morph his body into weapons. We then observed that Garou penetrate the chest of Kawaki and it appeared that Kawaki had failed.


Boruto Manga Chapter 26 Spoilers

Just only then Kawaki stimulated his Karma seal & we noticed that at the very moment Boruto’s Karma seal also got activated as well. As the title of the chapter “Resonance” implies that there is a link within the seal of Kawaki & Boruto as they both stimulated at the equal time.

Then Garou attempted to attack with ninjutsu, however, Kawaki was simply able to absorb it with his Karma seal & then Kawaki defeated Garou off with a tremendous blast. Moreover, Boruto was able to absorb every ninjutsu through his Karma seal. Then swiftly we noticed Kawaki wasting his consciousness. Plus, we got to grasp that Kawaki is a transformed human being & promptly he will be delivered to Konoha to face the seventh Hokage of Konoha, Naruto Uzumaki.


Boruto Chapter 26 Leaks

Boruto Chapter 26 Spoilers

The Team 7 simultaneously with Kawaki will be travelling to Konoha & according to me when the chapter begins they’ll already be at Konoha as Kara have no plan to prevent their travel yet still may watch them from a range as Kashin Koji desires to collect more data about the Karma seals.

I believe that Naruto will be surprised to view Kawaki as he’s not a regular human being. It will be intriguing to see how Kawaki responds to this as he doesn’t appear to be close to anyone.


Boruto Manga Chapter 26 Spoilers

Kashin Koji seems to be protecting the lives of Konoha shinobi repeatedly as now he has allowed them to go to Konoha & didn’t let Delta combat them. I assume he has his personal purposes.

Boruto Chapter 26 Release Date

Sadly, this time we have to remain for longer than a month for Boruto chapter 26. The chapter will be issued on 20 August 2018.

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