Powers & Abilities Of Kawaki- Explained

Powers & Abilities Of Kawaki- Explained

Kawaki, as we know, is a young man with special abilities and it seems he is even stronger than Naruto Uzumaki. He specialises in close-range combat.

Powers & Abilities Of Kawaki

Kawaki is a villain, but maybe he’s just like Pain seeking “justice” in shinobi world and he believes that he can do it only by taking down Naruto, Boruto and other strong members of Shinobi world, and it seems he can do it based on 2 reasons: First reason is that as you know In the first episode of Naruto: Boruto Next Generation he already took down or sent Naruto in another dimension (still a mystery) the second reason is that he has some super strong abilities and we’re going to talk now.

He can manipulate his arms by turning them into different shapes and he can draw weapons from within his body

He can easily dodge cause he is flexible, Even when he is exhausted from battle, his power is enough to fight a strong opponent.

Kāma Seal

Powers & Abilities Of Kawaki

Kawaki’s tattoo on his hand is the strongest power called Kāma, there are different theories about Kāma one of the theories is that Kawaki obtained it by killing an Otsutsuki member cause if you haven’t read manga When Boruto defeated Momoshik he said when a human kills a god that person can’t be an ordinary person any more and after that Boruto had a mark on his hand and that mark is called the Kāma, you can say is a curse mark or fate whatever but it’s a very rare ability that only Boruto and Kawaki have. By these theories, we can say that Boruto probably has the ability to absorb chakra, cause he killed Momoshiki and Momoshiki’s power was to absorb. We’re not sure who did Kawaki kill but the only otsutsuki member left is Urashiki so Kawaki probably killed him unless there are other Otsutsuki members.

Kawaki & Urashiki

If Kawaki killed Urashiki then his power is to send people in other dimensions and the reason why I think this is true is that Urashiki already sent Toneri in “Dragon Place” on episode 53 and he said to Boruto on episode one that he will send him where he sent the Seventh Hokage.

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