One Punch Man Chapter 123: ENW Vs Child Emperor, Release Date

This was an amazing chapter and it had cool pages in the fight. This chapter reveals that many current S-Class heroes did way less job than any other hero, the difference is they possess unparallel strength. Darkshine was even at the literal bottom of the rank. We were just told their power was all that was considered to be included in S-Class. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest One Punch Man Chapter 123 updates.

It’s important to emphasize the difference in power levels between S-class and the rest since most people take them for granted after witnessing Saitama’s true strength. The remainder of this arc is just going to be an S-class fighting monster that is equally insane, which is why it’s so interesting.


One Punch Man Chapter 123: ENW Vs Child Emperor

It was a surprise to see Sludge Jellyfish alive in this chapter. Evil Natural Water started off as a threat but you can see how he’s really growing especially after he absorbed Sludge Jellyfish. Evil Natural Water absorbed oil out of the other monster, which lowered its liquid body’s freezing point, allowing it to unfreeze. Later, it attacked Child Emperor, pierced his leg, and blew up his machine after the projectile passes through his leg. It’s more terrifying than a primordial force of nature has such intelligence as to strategize in a fight.

One Punch Man 123
Child Emperor

Child Emperor couldn’t dodge those jet strikes. He couldn’t even react to ENW’s jet strikes as one of them pierced through his leg. The more malice you have the stronger it gets. We can’t wait to see how much stronger Murata will make it and how much stronger it will be when it reaches the surface. Then we will even see the dragon form of Evil Natural Water. We might even get the conclusion of their fight in One Punch Man Chapter 123.


There are some other things that were shown in the webcomic before the Garou and Darkshine fight. So the author will probably cover those in One Punch Man Chapter 123. If it goes similar to the Webcomic than we probably would see the beginning of Garou and Darkshine fight.

OPM Chapter 123 release date

Manga chapter 123 of One Punch Man will release on 15th December.