Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6 Challenges Leaked

Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6 challenges have once again leaked ahead of schedule, providing insight into what type of shenanigans players will be getting into next week in the battle-royale shooter.

Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6


The Fortnite Week 6 challenges are actually pretty tricky, compared to the usual quick-and-easy tasks. Searching supply drops means fighting off other gamers to get the loot, & now that every Battle Pass owners will be racing towards them, this challenge will be even further complicated.

Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6 Challenges

Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6

Search Supply Drops – (3)

Search Chests in Loot Lake – (7)


Deal damage with Shotguns to players – (1000)

Spray over several Carbide or Omega Posters – (7)

SMG Eliminations – (3) [Hard]


Eliminate opponents in Retail Row -(3) [Hard]

Search within a Playground, Campsite, and a Footprint – (1) [Hard]

Those who run to finish the Fortnite Week 6 challenges will earn XP & Battle Stars, beginning with more ranks obtained and great loot awarded.

5,000 XP is on the proposal for achieving complete of the Week 6 Battle Pass challenges. In extension to this, there are 4 sets of 5 Battle Stars for the average toughness tasks, while hard tests will each award gamers with 10 Battle Stars. Perform them all for the greatest rewards & quickest way to maximum rank!

Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6

Once all 7 Fortnite Week 6 challenges have been finished, & the rewards have been dished out, it’ll be time to remain for next week’s reset, where the Fortnite: Week 7 challenges will be expecting conclusion!

Fortnite: Season 4 Week 6

As for the treasure hunting & spraying over Carbide/Omega posters, both would be exciting if it was 2001 and not 2018. The Internet performs these sort of challenges cake. All you have to do is anticipate for the leads on here or elsewhere to pop up quickly following the week performs live.

Fortnite is open for Play Station4, Xbox One, PC, & iOS. It is also poised to hit on Android someday this season.

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