Kemono Friends: The Anime Game and Show

Imagine waking up one day to discover you’ve morphed into a half-human, half-animal creature. That’s the premise of Kemono Friends. It is a media franchise from Japan created by Mine Yoshizaki, a manga artist. 

The anime show and game take place in a zoo park. The park is full of endangered species as well as unusual species called Friends. These Friends are half-girl, half-animal creatures.


The creative concept of Kemono Friends has resulted in it being much-loved by fans around the world. Up next we’re going to tell you more about the Kemono Friends game and show.

Kemono Friends: The Anime Game and Show
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Japari Park is a massive zoo that is home to living species, endangered animals, extinct species, cryptids, and legendary wildlife. Many of the creatures have been anthropomorphized into Friends due to a strange substance known as “Sandstar.” 

A girl wakes up in Japari Park in the first season of the anime, which is set sometime after the mobile game. Without knowing who she is or how she got there, she meets a servant friend who calls the girl ‘Kaban.’ 


They set off on an adventure together to figure out what kind of animal Kaban is, traveling through many areas of Japari Park and encountering new friends along the way.

How to Play Kemono Friends

The Kemono Friends 3 smartphone app from Sega was released in Japan on 24 September 2019. The aim of the game is to advance through different quests, combat Celliens, and gather Friends.


Quests are the Kemono Friends key features. By creating teams of friends that are powerful enough to overcome stronger enemies, players will be able to progress through the plot. A certain amount of stamina is required for each quest. 


The maximum amount of stamina you can have at once will be increased by raising your party level. There are 12 episodes in each chapter, which are further split into multiple fights.

The first time they clear each battle, players will receive a premium currency bonus. They will also be able to watch the main characters explore Japari Park and connect with more friends. 

There are many other forms of quests, namely Growth Quests, Arai-san Captain’s Diary, and Friend Stories. During the main story, players are also able to clear missions.


A conventional turn-based combat system is characterized by battles. Enemy Celliens will attack in waves, and without being knocked out, the player will compose a group of up to 5 Friends to overcome all the waves. 

The player begins to be able to take 3 actions per turn, with no limits on choosing the same friend many times in a row. By assigning one of three flags to each friend, Kemono players influence combat.

  • Beat – Performs a skill unique to each Friend.
  • Action – Attacks, and increases the Kemono Miracle meter, which can be used to activate signature moves with unique names and animations.
  • Try – Attacks, and boosts the stats of the party on the next turn.

A Kemo Chorus will be activated if more than one friend has the same flag, providing each friend with a bonus. In addition, the Seconds Meter can be filled with Kemo Choruses, which increase actions per turn. 

Friends have different abilities and types and can be powerful or weak against various enemies, so players are encouraged to gather and use a variety of friends wisely. With items and gold, defeating Celliens will reward the player.

Kemono Friends: The Anime Game and Show
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As a show, the humor and characters of Kemono Friends are adorable. Their episodic adventures are well-paced, and their overall imagery is powerful. 

As a game, it runs in the standard Japanese RPG style. That means traditional turn-based combat punctuates story-based missions, where parties of up to five friends take on different enemies.