Kingdom Chapter 622 Official Release Date, Enraged Shin

Kyou Kai fights are always complete insanity but this one is something significant. And finally, the setup is ready for Shin to show he’s the strongest here by going against Hou Ken in Kingdom chapter 622. The fight in the previous chapter itself was magnificent, and the dialogue made it even great. After watching Kyou Kai get tossed around at the end was hard to get through, but the ending with Shin catching her was awesome. Each week the chapters are becoming better and better, but the cliffhangers are nearly unbearable.

We can’t deny that Kyou Kai did great. With a lot less experience and a lot fewer losses, and even being tired, she did rather well against him and despite him acting tough, she did notable damage to him. She is amazing if it had been nearly anyone in a place of Hou Ken, she presumably would have killed them. It is just a disgrace that Hou Ken is her counter.


Enraged Shin in Kingdom Chapter 622

Kingdom Chapter 622

Now, that Kyou Kai damaged him this much, Shin taking him down will be less complex. Though, Shin will get heavily damage, maybe even more than Kyou Kai. This battle will begin in Kingdom chapter 622 and probably last 3-4 chapters. 

The gravity of that dance was similar or greater than the one she had against Yuu Ren and her sword underwent too many cracks. On top of that, she got crushed by Hou Ken several times into the ground. She will suffer some outcomes for days to come. We’ve all anticipated for a long, long time for that beast to be dethroned and she did it gracefully. Shin will go on a rampage in Kingdom manga 622. We are about to witness a true monster to be unleashed.


Hou Ken losing two fingers and getting stabbed in the forearm dramatically cuts his strength drastically. It would be foolish for Shin in his injured state to have any luck against a full-strength Hou Ken.

Kingdom Chapter 622 release date

The official release date of Chapter 622 is 21st November.


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