Kingdom Chapter 623 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Official Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 622 is out and it was truly impressive. According to the ‘Kingdom Vietnamese Facebook group,’ the Kingdom Chapter 623 will show us the background of Hou Ken.

Kingdom Chapter 623 Raw and Scans

This upcoming chapter is about Ri Boku’s memory when he first met Hou Ken. This indicates that everything in this chapter will be from Ri Boku’s point of view, this includes Hou Ken’s path. Before meeting Hou Ken, Ri Boku was taking Ls constantly. In a battle, he got wounded and had to hide in a forest. Where he met Hou Ken. Later arrived with a tiger in his hand, and Ri Boku mistakes and thinks that Hou Ken is not a human.

Kingdom Chapter 623
Hou Ken and Ri Boku in Chapter 623

During this meeting, Hou Ken says that he will kill anyone who stands in his way. Ri Boku accepts his fate. Houken suddenly claimed that Ri Boku’s mission wasn’t complete and that the “gods” had guided him to Ri Boku, who would lead Houken on his path. Ri Boku, however, refuses to accept this and passes out. After waking up he finds that all of his enemies are dead, killed by Hou Ken.

Kingd0m Chapter 623 will also reveal details about ‘Bushin Clan’ and according to leaks Ri Boku finds that Bushin existed before the 500 years of warring states, and their original mission was to save humanity from the war itself. So, Bushin aimed to surpass all the humans. Essentially they threw their lives to become ‘gods’. Similarly, Hou Ken doesn’t want to become the strongest, but to prove that he can walk on the ‘realm of gods’.

Hou Ken wants to become something surpassing all the humans so that he save humanity from the war. The flashback indicates one thing for sure that soon Hou Ken is going to die, otherwise, Hara wouldn’t pull a flashback here. The fight will continue in Kingdom Chapter 624.


Kingdom Chapter 623 official release date

The official release date of Chapter 623 is 28th November.

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