Attack on Titan Chapter 124: Eren’s Form, Armin’s Transformation

The most pertinent example we can consider for this chapter. Eren querying if Mikasa’s affection is built from the bind of her blood or if she genuinely loves him. This makes me believe Mikasa will have a big role at the end of the series. Her story is so connected to Eren’s, as this chapter showed. And then using her most quotable line into the record: “The world is cruel but so beautiful.” Subscribe to our Reddit community for more updates on the Attack on Titan Chapter 124.

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 124 official release date


AoT Chapter 124 will release in the following month’s Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, on 9 December 2019.



Attack on Titan Chapter 124: Colossal Titans, Eren’s Monster Form, Armin’s Transformation

Eren went hoping to achieve peace but got faced with the reality of how messed up the world is and how deep the hatred for eldians run. He’s known nothing but hatred since he was born. And all he wanted was freedom since he was born into this world too. Isayama always wanted to show that the biggest enemies of humans are themselves which is very real to our world too. War exists, but that doesn’t mean life is meaningless, it doesn’t mean we should always be afraid of someone and live a life as they intend to.

Armin’s Transformation

We’ll see Armin transform in the final battle or possibly in Attack on Titan Chapter 124, he couldn’t transform before because it would’ve killed his civilians, but now the battlefield is far more open and some fewer people will die to the collateral damage.

Attack on Titan Chapter 124
Eren and Mikasa

We all want to see Armin’s and Mikasa’s reaction to Eren’s plan so urgently. Mikasa and Armin noticed Eren’s change in personality. Ever since 4 years ago, legit most of Eren’s dialogue has been about freedom, taking other people’s freedom. They noticed this but pretended not to, because they didn’t want to accept it. The way this chapter showed their view changed dynamic is amazing. It was awesome seeing Mikasa’s perspective, as we don’t see her inner thoughts that much anymore. Mikasa is going to play a very important role in the ending. This chapter strongly hints at that. Remember, Mikasa was the first character that Isayama created in his Shingeki no Kyojin world.

Eren’s Monster Form in Chapter 124 

We didn’t get to see Eren’s Titan form in this chapter. As we talked in our other post; Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 124, his face echoes the evil and he’s possibly the most powerful and most fearsome Titan yet, and it’s because Ymir shaped him that way. She’s simply lost her mind in rage and completed a form for Eren to pulverize the world.

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 124
Eren’s Titan Form 

Fans are expecting Isayama to use the Colossal Titans as something extremely crucial in the last battle and that will probably start in Attack on Titan Chapter 124. How all those colossal titans are going cross the sea? As we all know, Titans have a lower density than humans that’s why they are so fast, Hange proved this. So we believe they can float. Or maybe Eren can use some hardening to make a bridge or path for the titans. Either way, they are going to destroy everything.