Kingdom Chapter 624: Shin vs Hou Ken, Release Date

This chapter would have been better accepted if this backstory hadn’t been inserted so clumsily in the middle of the arc’s climactic fight. The arc was plenty long enough to provide opportunities for Houken’s backstory without interrupting the pacing of his arrival. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Kingdom Chapter 624 updates.

Kingdom Chapter 624: Shin vs Hou Ken

Hou Ken has been called a path-seeker from the beginning and his motivations have always been mysterious to us. It also ties in with arguably the theme of the entire manga, which is conflicting ideas about how to end warfare in an era of constant bloodshed. We have learned that Sei believes unification can end warfare, that Ryu Fui believed money could end warfare, and that Ri Boku believes in alliances as the solution. Now we saw that Hou Ken too had a belief, specifically that warfare will end once humanity takes a step forward as a species.



Kingdom chapter 624
Hou Ken Vs Shin

We will see Shin struggling against Hou Ken in Kingdom Chapter 624. This fight will continue for around 3 more chapters, where we will see injured Shin will finish off Hou Ken. The flashback in Chapter 623 majorly hints that Hou Ken is going to die soon. Otherwise, the Author wouldn’t pull a backstory in the middle of a fight.

Hou Ken losing two fingers and getting stabbed in the forearm against Kyou Kai dramatically cuts his strength drastically. It would be unwise for Shin in his damaged state to have any chance against a full-strength Hou Ken. Kyou Kai damaged Hou Ken this much, Shin taking him down will be comparatively easy. Although, Shin will get heavy damage.


Kingdom Chapter 624 Release Date

Chapter 624 of Kingdom manga is going to officially release on 5th December.

We’ve seen many fans stating that this chapter had ruined the character of Ri Boku for them, that in the end, all he has achieved has only be made possible because Hou Ken saved him. However, many fans believe that young Ri Boku being saved by Hou Ken doesn’t ruin his character. What do you think? let us know below!

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