Kingdom Manga Chapter 629: Is Shin going to Die? Raw Scans

Chapter 628 came earlier this month where we learned that Shin is on the verge of death. Kyou Kai started crying because she thinks the life essence of Shin is twinkling. We know that Shin can’t die yet as he is the main protagonist of this series. In addition to that, Hou Ken might not be dead yet and will probably save Shin from dying as we predicted in our earlier post. Kingdom Manga Chapter 629 will most likely reveal what is Shin’s fate, he is going to die? Let’s start!

Kingdom Manga Chapter 629: Is Shin going to die?

As we predicted in our earlier post, Hou Ken might save Shin from dying. This is just mere speculation based on the previous chapter. The healing abilities were shown on purpose in this chapter, also Hou Ken didn’t close his eyes completely after the battle. Moreover, during Hou Ken Ri Boku’s first meeting, Ri Boku was dying yet he woke up completely healed. This indicates that Hou Ken was set on the wrong path filled with destruction when his true path was that of a healer.


If this happens in Kingdom Manga Chapter 629, Hou Ken becomes ideologically redeemed through saving Shin. He could also pass on his ambition for change in humanity. This would certainly justify the amount of time we have spent making Hou Ken a more redeemable character.

Kingdom Chapter 629

However, Hou Ken was glaived from his heart side so he has to be dead, still, many unusual things happened this arc, Hou Ken healing Shin is plausible.

Release date-

Chapter 629 of Kingdom manga is on a long break. The following chapter is going to release on 29th January 2020. The raw scans haven’t released yet when we do we will update this post. Keep visiting DiscoverDiary for more amazing speculation and news articles. If you like our content, you can follow our Discord Server and our Reddit Community. Thanks!