One Piece 977 Spoilers, One Piece Chapter 977 Release Date

Chapter 976 came out earlier and after it, Kanjuro became a much more interesting character to us ever since he was revealed as a villain. It works better with his creepy design and allows him to show the full range of his abilities. So, in this post, we will talk about Kanjuro, his devil fruit and the possible spoilers of One Piece Chapter 977.

One Piece Chapter 977 Spoilers

After hearing Kanjuro, Kawamatsu attacks him but unfortunately, he blocked his attack with the hilt of his brush, which would physically be amazing in his reaction time and strength. Kanjuro is most likely extremely strong, being a character we knew to be fairly strong having an incredibly good devil fruit that it seems like he’s mastered. As he’s strong and wants to run, not fight, he could easily waste a long time for the alliance if they chased him.


One Piece Chapter 977

But, Momonosuke brought up a valid point that Kanjuro wants them to go after him and be distracted and waste their time, they’d be playing into his hands to follow him. In this chapter, we learned that he wouldn’t be easy to catch in the air, moreover, we don’t know the limits of his Devil Fruit and he could easily stall as long as he needed to whilst sending a message to Kaido and Orochi. Letting him go at least means they won’t find out they’re on their way until they are already there.

It looks like Kanjuro will straight go to Orochi to give information and Momonosuke in One Piece chapter 977, we will be seeing a little talk between Kanjuro and Orochi where he will reveal what happened him and about the real identity of Boss Kyoshiro.


Straw Hat Helmsman Boss Jinbe

Furthermore, chapter 976 revealed that Boss Jinbe finally arrived in Wano and officially joined Straw Hat pirates. He is such a massive asset to them not only because he is a level headed and a fighting machine but having a Fishman when you have so many devil fruit users is vital. It was so good to see Jinbei again and to get official confirmation that he is the Helmsman of the crew. Fans loved the reaction of Kidd and Law knowing Jinbei is part of the Straw Hat crew now.

We only get to see Jinbe in the last panels, so it looks like One Piece Chapter 977 will reveal how he get to Wano injured from Whole Cake Island. We might get a flashback of how he survived his encounter with Big Mom. Chapter 977 might also reveal what happened to his Sun Pirate brethren, are they joining the fight or did they sacrificed their lives to ensure Jinbei survived? Fans are anxiously waiting to listen to the full story of Jinbe.

One Piece Chapter 977 release date

One Piece chapter numbered 977 officially release on April 12th, 2020.


Read One Piece 977 Raw Scans

The Raw Scans haven’t leaked online yet, as we know, the manga is on a week break. One Piece Chapter 977 will arrive online on 12th April 2020 and this means that fans will be able to read the Raw Scans on 9th-10th April 2020. The leaks will be updated here once release online. Follow our Twitter Handle.