Read One Piece 976 Official Spoilers, Raw Scans, Jinbe’s Return

One Piece Chapter 976 was on a break and it is supposed to officially release on 4th April. However, the Spoilers and Raw Scans for One Piece 976 started arriving online. There are so many interesting things that happened in this chapter, and among them is Jinbe’s return. StrawHat’s helmsman finally returned to the crew.

Before moving forward to the Raw Scans and Spoilers of the upcoming chapter which is One Piece 976, let me remind you guys this post contains official spoilers. So, proceed at your own risk. Let’s start!


One Piece Chapter 976: Jinbe’s return

The title for Chapter 976 is “We will uphold our duty“. We will see that all the retainers except Denjiro thought that the meeting was at ‘Tokage’ port.  They ask Kine’mon about it, saying they won’t get angry since everything seems alright now. To which, Kine’mon accepts his idiocy and says he probably used up all his luck. The rest of the retainers except Kanjuro replies to Kine’mon saying that it wasn’t only him and that all of them also used up their luck.

Kanjuro attempts to report the current state of events to Orochi but is attacked by Kawamatsu. Than Kanjuro summons a bird and escapes with Momonosuke. To which, Sanji and Usopp attempts to save the Kozuki heir but fails. After seeing the uneasiness of everyone, Momonosuke tells them that they shouldn’t worry about him and defeat Kaido and Orochi to protect this country.

After seeing this, Luffy tells him that they are friends and he will definitely save him so, somehow survive till then. The enemy’s battleship then fires cannons but Jinbe’s spear wave attack opens up a hole in the enemy’s battleship and makes their long-range cannons useless. The last panel of One Piece 976, reveals Jinbe as the helmsman of StrawHat pirates.


With the return of Jinbe, the whole Mugiwara crew is in Wano. This chapter finally revealed that Jinbe is now one of the Straw Hat members.

One Piece Chapter 976 release date

One Piece manga was on a break so One Piece 976 will officially release on April 4th, 2020. The raw scans surfaced online today. You can read the spoilers and raw scans here.

One Piece 976 Spoilers from r/OnePiece

Read One Piece 976 Raw Scans

How Jinbe is able to reach Wano in time?

Jinbe was supposed to come to Wano, Luffy and co. were expecting him. It was just a matter of time, remember a lot of weeks went by whilst everybody was preparing in Wano. Big Mom had time to gather her sons and come to Wano and even made an alliance. It’s safe to say Jinbe had time to get the remaining Sun Pirates to safety, heal himself and them come to Wano. Which would explain why he is so late compared to Big Mom. They were fighting Oven, and he was on the ship with Big Mom to Wano.