Full Power Of Drole The Patience Revealed

Drole also is identified to people as Balor is an ancient powerful fighter of the Demon Clan, assisting straight below the Demon King as the Patience of the current Ten Commandments.

Power Level:

In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength. The total power level is not a criterion of who clearly wins a fight, it’s simply a lead to who’s major expected to win. For instance, someone with a comparatively low power level yet super magic can strike down someone with a great power level if they don’t have a great plan to combat. The spirit level is a type of control in combat, willpower, etc. Magic & strength are self-illustrative.


Full Power Of Drole The Patience
Full Power Of Drole The Patience

  • Age: ~880
  • Weight: 6504 lbs
  • Height: 84’8″

Identified in human legends as Balor, & regarded among several giants as their clan’s god after he performed their sacred dance. He was a fighter and friend of both Meliodas and Gloxinia, however, changed sides when his pride was broken. He likes competitions and regular training & in the past dreamed of defeating the Demon King.

Power Level: 54000

  • Magic – 14000
  • Spirit – 3500
  • Strength – 36500

Commandment- Patience


Drives Diane back with a random palm strike, pushing her to apply Heavy Metal.


Attacks a bit harder & wrecks Diane within her Heavy Metal with a regular palm strike.


Despite his huge size, Drole also has exceptional speed and quickness as he was able to effortlessly evade Diane’s Crazy Rush all the while doing his sacred dance that consumed her magic.


Drole has an unbelievable physical health & endurance, being able to get up and start fighting Meliodas almost instantly after taking a heavy attack from Escanor head on, which was able to destroy the giant rock that smashed Vaizel and threw him through his personal labyrinth.



  • Ground
    Apparently, a variety of the Giant Clan’s Creation power, Drole’s earth manipulation is extremely higher than anything recorded by Diane or Matrona. He can dismiss others’ earth manipulation by dancing in harmony with the earth.
    Magical Eye: Drole is apparently able to discover the strength of his foes and read people’s thoughts only by looking after him. The eye is incapable to read Meliodas for logic unknown.
    Time Regression Spell: A ability from the Goddess Clan that enables sending the soul of any living towards the past.

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