Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episode 6 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul: re Episode 5 truly did a fabulous work. While there was a lot of material skipped, it didn’t actually influence the story in a significant way.

The only critique of the episode 5 was that the animation wasn’t all that excellent. Although, I’m not concerned about that at all because I understand it’ll pull up once we move onward.


Tokyo Ghoul: re Episode 6 is scheduled to appear on Tuesday, May 8. We’re however in the Auction House arc, and everything has become really interesting now. With the addition of Takizawa, It seems like the excitement has clearly increased, and also the CCG is thrilled to comprehend a warning to him in face of them. Haise and Takizawa are the centres here as well.

In episode 5, we’ve previously noticed those two going at it. Though, Takizawa clearly has the upper hand. Still, we know that he has strengths within him that he really doesn’t desire to use.

It’ll be exciting to see what choice Haise comes to. We previously have a group of preview images leaked as well, and as you can notice, Quinx squad appears to be in the middle of it all.


We can certainly see Urie, Saiko and also Haise. But between all of them, Takizawa certainly stands out, also that’s because Kanou has improved him a lot. The story is certainly picking up, and we’re going towards lots of interesting stuff.

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