One Piece Chapter 904 – To The World Meeting

One Piece Chapter 903 signed the start of the Reverie Arc and everyone was completely blown away by the levels of hype Oda established in chapter 903, and the maximum of it was involving Luffy and the Mugiwara Pirates.

  • One Piece 904 Spoilers
  • Title One Piece 904: “To The World Meeting”
  • Everyone on Sunny is yet in confusion about Luffy’s current bounty. Luffy is really happy with his brand-new bounty.
  • Nami and Chopper are threatened because other big-named pirates will be coming after them.
  • Carrot reveals the rest of the brand-new bounties.
  • Bege got 750 Million.
  • Jinbe got 550 Million.
  • The rest of the team got 100 Million raise for being connected with the crew.
  • Nami and Brook got extra 20 Million addition in Bounty.
  • Chopper got added 50 increase, which disturbed him very much.
  • Sanji got sadder to know that his bounty is yet lower than Zoro.
  • Carrot now has 120 Million Bounty.
  • They then continue reading the remainder of the news. In the end, they seem to be unpleasantly nervous.
  • The scene shifts to an island in the New World.
  • Law is shaken by the news. Bepo and others acknowledged the Mugiwara Crew for their actions.
  • Zoro and others are there laughing. Also enjoyed the news that Jinbe joins the team.
  • Zoro is pleased with his raise in Bounty. He ridiculed Sanji’s bounty stating that it’s “too high” for him.
  • Robin giggles as usual. She queries if they succeeded to get a copy of the Poneglyph.
  • In Zou, the minks are very pleased with the news. Wanda is concerned about Carrot having a bounty but is happy that she’s harmless, at the very time questions why Pedro isn’t in the news.
  • The news reached across the world, the Straw Hat associates and allies, as well as additional Supernovas, are observed reading the news having a few remarks.
  • Revolutionary Army is confirmed to have survived the Baltigo attack by Blackbeard.
  • Sabo and Koala are observed reading the news. The following mentioned that she desires to meet Jinbe again.
  • In Mariejois, royals are coming one after another with their companions.

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