Original Whitebeard Pirates – Who Were They?

Whitebeard did not walk into Marineford with the “Original” Whitebeard Pirates. Why?
Did Oda cover the ages of the current Whitebeard Commanders to cover a Revolution toward Whitebeard?

Whitebeard is a Legend yet who was his, original mate?
1st division commander ‘Marco’ is too young to be his original first mate and who was the forerunner to Ace’s division position and additional commanders look too young too.


So, Whitebeard never restored 4th position which was primary Thatch’s place to honour his death.

Whitebeard was the former Yonko who died near the age of 72.

However, Whitebeard pirate commanders ages aren’t yet shown other than Ace.


Marco was the 1st division commander though, he seems too Young to be defined as the age of primary first division commander.

Whitebeard’s original commander should be at concise in the 60s by now, though Marco is about the age of Shanks and Teach which is nearby 40.

Marco was not the initial 1st division commander unless Shanks would have recognized him from his battles against Whitebeard back when he was in Gol D. Roger’s crew though Marco was anew to Shanks.


Whitebeard never had a 2nd division commander for ages till he met ace.
How do we comprehend that there was no 2nd division commander?

It’s not the case that there were no powerful characters on the 2nd division there was Marshall D. Teach who was with Newgate aka Whitebeard for past 2 decades and was capable of giving a wound to Shanks who revealed that their battle was fair and he was not rattled but he declined to be commander till the 2nd division decided for Ace to hold the post.

Whitebeard’s denial to become the Pirate King, all he required was a family though Akainu said that “Whitebeard just covered in a safe edge of the world to evade getting into a problem”

In the Old Era Edward Newgate was on simply one in his squad who got attention as a “legend” with Shiki, ReyleighSengokuGarp, and Roger but he didn’t desire to become King, His Squad was leaving to go out as no labeled pirates and without any notice while Whitebeard was doing zero as he named was the King of the Seas.

If you notice closely at Whitebeard’s Chest you can detect a mark probably from Gol D. Roger as he was the simple one Whitebeard fought One on One against.

As we can notice 2 new marks/scars on Whitebeard’s chest following Gol D. Roger death? Who could Scar him same as that Shiki was in covering Reyleigh was retired.

Garp or Sengoku?

They didn’t witness Whitebeard until Marineford war which presents one idea, His own commanders were the ones who can fight or Scar him similar that.

Newgate’s commanders could have desired for him to be the Pirate King and do something preferably than only do nothing. I believe that they started a Revolution to obtain the Whitebeard Pirates of him.

However, Whitebeard wouldn’t kill his comrades he could have allowed them to go or they could have escaped.

If I were to present an opinion, We will apparently notice them in Wano also their current head could be the “Lurking Legend” the other person to provide a scar Whitebeard who Oda stated was related to Whitebeard.