Top 3 Devil Fruits Monkey D. Dragon Could Possess

Monkey D. Dragon is the “World’s Most Wanted Man”, and is the head of the Revolutionary army in the world of One Piece. He is the biggest threat to the World Government. His capabilities are one of the greatest mysteries.

I have created a list of few Devil Fruits that I believe Monkey D. Dragon might have.


1. Mythical Zoan Thunderbird

Thunderbird is the Mythological bird of North American native peoples’ story. This bird has the abilities to create winds and thunder by using its wings. Throughout the Loguetown arc, when Buggy the Clown was about to strike off Luffy’s head, an electricity thunderbolt hit the platform and protected Luffy’s life.

There was including a storm that happened just moments after. This might alone be the doing of Dragon himself in order to protect Luffy. All these properties match the features of those of the Thunderbird, just as represented in the mythology.


2. Kaze-Kaze no Mi

Kaze-Kaze no Mi, real meaning “Wind-Wind Fruit”, might be a Paramecia class of Devil Fruit. It enables its user to command wind itself. The user can cause winds and storms that are notably powerful. As we remember, when Dragon showed up in Loguetown, there were heavy winds blowing, which later changed into a storm. Furthermore, there was including a huge storm that protected people of Gray terminal from the burning, which next turned out to be Dragon. It is reasonable Dragon has this Devil Fruit.


3. Mythical Zoan Dragon

Dragons are remarkably powerful creatures that can exhale fire from their mouths, and their surfaces are difficult to pierce. There is a great possibility that Monkey D Dragon might have this Devil fruit.

This Devil Fruit will be suitable to Dragon, leading, because of his name, and further because despite his ship has the Chinese Dragons sign on it. The techniques he trained to Sabo also favour Dragons, so that might also be a clue towards his true abilities of a Mythical Zoan Dragon.

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