[SPOILER] Is Going To Cut Yonko Kaido In Wano Arc

[SPOILER] Is Going To Cut Yonko Kaido In Wano Arc.
The central arc for the year of Sanji was Whole Cake Island arc and the associated Yonko was Big Mom – a woman on an island which had the subject of food. Women and food, two of the usual primary things about Sanji’s personality. His greatest achievement till now has been making the most exquisite cake known to mankind and with it, he stilled the sweet tooth and desire of the Yonko Big Mom.

I believe it’s reasonable to assume that Sanji accomplished this big time because, as he himself said, he just desired for Big Mom to thoroughly enjoy the Cake, which she most surely did.

The following arc is Wano. Associated Yonko will be Kaido: the strongest creature, Till now nobody has been able to cut Kaido, in a place with the theme of Japan concentrated about the Samurai culture where honour and swordsmanship are necessary.


I think most people accept that this arc will apparently produce some rather major development for our beloved Zoro. If he came from a nation in our world it would be Japan. He aims to grow the strongest swordsman, he has been linked to Demons and the only moment he passed his honour to be asked was with Mihawk as a consequence of his belief in Luffy. He handles cursed Swords which he has achieved to gain command over &  a lot of focus has been placed on what stuff he is able to slash.

I think Zoro will accomplish to cut Yonko Kaido with his Swords in Wano arc. This would be his ultimate achievement so far in phases of showing what he succeeded with Mihawk and it would really present his growth. Of course, he will get remarkable Sword battle as well though this is not an unusual way of presenting his growth!

Sanji’s feat was distinct from just a normal battle, he made the Cake as the cook he is. Yes, Zoro is a swordsman, a warrior, and of course, a fight is necessary to his progress towards his aim, but what he achieves to cut is fairly important. It has been featured before and should be discussed again.


I think that Kaido war will consist Supernovas vs Kaido. Zoro will succeed to get him in some form. We understand Big Mom, who clearly couldn’t take any injury, had a weakness in the form of Mother Caramel photo. Either Zoro will cut Yonko Kaido without the vulnerability being applied or he will be able to do it following the weakening of him.


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