Why God Usopp Uses A Slingshot Instead Of A Gun?

Why does God Usopp handle a Slingshot rather than a Gun? Maybe Usopp is nervous nearby Guns? Or perhaps Usopp stared at guns and went, start, Slingshots are way better because they’re inaudible.
Usopp One Piece

If I happened to be Usopp, and I recognized that I had received my Father’s fabulous skills with the projectile, I would simply have gone to the neighbourhood Gun store and got out the genuine Gun in there.


Usopp apparently didn’t know he had any special talent. He was simply a Child playing nearby with a toy, and he felt that he was particularly good with it. It’s not something that got him go believe “my god, I would be a goner with an actual weapon, I should get one”. He lived in a nonviolent village.
Usopp new Weapon Kabuto

Even if he desired a Gun, who in their sane mind would trade one to the slightly-crazy child who resides solely at the end of the village. I mean, a gun-store completely would, those people don’t care who they’re marketing to, just Gun-stores aren’t typically located in small villages in the centre of nowhere.

Sure, we noticed some of the villagers in Usopp’s town handling weapons. Grown-ups who can go on tours to other towns to purchase whatever they can’t arrange in their small town, like Guns.
Usopp Scared


So fundamentally, what I’m telling is that Usopp didn’t have a way to a Gun, he didn’t have whatever reason to get a Gun, and besides he was too broke to get one.
God Usopp Bounty

Later, when Kuro rolled out to be criminal, there was kind of unusual importance and Usopp had to handle whatever he owned on support. Then he followed Luffy on the Going Merry.
Yasopp Vs Usopp

The first chance Usopp had to get a Gun was in Loguetown. At this time, he’d already struggled with the Slingshot a slew of events, he knew how to handle it in a fight, unlike Guns. Usopp was shocked when he crashed something with the canon on Going Merry. Why would he deem, he could handle a Gun? He apparently could, but a bit of Usopp’s personality is that he doesn’t hold a lot of faith in himself.
Usopp Slingshot


As for why he’s, however, using a Slingshot presently, well, soon it has been shown to be an excellent weapon, so why should he switch it to something he’s not trained to?

Also, I crave to name out that throughout his two-year training, he was thrown to forest island without a Gun shop.

Usopp and Franky Using Guns

Usopp’s use of a Slingshot is intended to tell us that he’s not a fighter. He wasn’t prepared. He was only a Child nobody bothered about, a kid nobody believed had any skill. Nobody provided him with a weapon, he built it himself out of stocks and a part of rubber.

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