All Known Revolutionary Army Commanders – One Piece Chapter 904

The Revolutionary Army is a dominant military group commenced by Monkey D. Dragon. In relevant, they start the fight next to the World Government and what it holds for.
Monkey D. Dragon

The Revolutionary Army’s chief objective is to battle next to the WG’s control over the system. While their complete goals are not recognized, their chief Dragon once revealed open contempt for the noble’s harming those they governed over.


The revolutionaries are a potent bunch, and their authorities have several parts to look out for.
Revolutionary army

One Piece manga chapter 904 has just released and it was verified that there won’t be a break following week, which suggests One Piece chapter 905 isn’t further far apart either.
Monkey D. Dragon

“Revolutionary Army led its HQ to the Kamabakka Kingdom after they failed Baltigo.”


“Many revolutionaries including Ivankov now gathered at the Kamabakka Kingdom. Dragon chooses to reveal war on Celestial Dragons in Reverie.”

“Famous 4 revolutionaries commanders arrive in the Lurucia where Pinkbeard is striking residents. Pinkbeard is below the sunshade of Yonko Blackbeard and has a 52M bounty.”

Lindbergh is a cat mink and an official of the Revolutionary Army, working as the South Army Commander.
Lindbergh appears to hugely enjoy the battle, as he was thrilled to hear of the Revolutionaries’ future fight next to the World Nobles.


Karasu is an official of the RA, following as its North Army Commander.
Karasu is a rather quiet man who normally talks within inaudible mumbling and requires his loudspeaker mask to be understood by others.
As an official of the Revolutionary Army, Karasu carries a powerful place within the organization.

Morley is a giant okama and an official of the RA, working as the West Army Commander.
As an official, Morley carries a strong position in the revolutionaries, and as the head of the West Army, he has assigned authority over the fighters in it.

Belo Betty:
Belo Betty
Belo Betty is an official of the revolutionaries who works as the East Army Commander.
Betty has consumed the Kobu Kobu no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit. By flying her flag and inspiring people, she is capable to stimulate their potential power and improve their natural strength.

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