8 Facts About Mikasa Ackerman You Probably Didn’t Know

In the first part, we have discussed some facts related to Eren Yaeger. In this one, we will discuss lesser known facts of Mikasa Ackerman.
Mikasa ackerman Facts

Mikasa is the main female protagonist of anime series Attack on Titans. She is also the adoptive sister of Eren Yaeger and childhood friend of Armin Arlert.
Mikasa Ackerman Facts

  • Mikasa’s surname is derived from the German word “Ackermann” which means “fieldman”.
  • Mikasa ranked third in the First Character Popularity Poll.
  • Mikasa’s red scarf maybe a reference to the ‘red string of fate’ which in Japanese folklore represents an unbreakable connection between soulmates/ lovers.
  • According to Isayama, 104th cadet corps had an arm wrestling competition, Mikasa would place first.
  • The name Mikasa has several significant links in Japanese culture.
  • The name Mikasa literally meaning “three bamboo hats”, was a unique pre-dreadnought battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy, and served as a flagship during the Russo-Japanese war. Hajime Isayama, named Mikasa after this battleship due to his belief that series’ with female characters named after famous warships can be turned out as successful.
  • Mount Mikasa in Nara, Japan. An annual festival involves burning the dead grass on the mountain.
  • The princely house of Mikasa-no-Miya, a branch of the imperial family in Japan.
  • Mikasa is one of the Attack on Titan characters who were made into Nendoroid figures, along with Eren, Levi and Colossal Titan. A Nendoroid playset of the Attack on Titan setting was also made. In the game Age of Gunslingers Online, a special Titan Mode was made as a tribute to the series. It features Elsa, an NPC modelled after Mikasa and voiced by Yui Ishikawa.

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