Did You Know All 12 of these Eren Yeager Facts? – Shingeki no Kyojin

Eren Yeager is a part of the Survey Corps and the main hero of Shingeki no Kyojin.
Eren is set on vengeance and desires to murder all titans, but he discovers out that he himself is a Titan and can’t deal with it.
Here are 12 of the greatest and less-known facts about our hero Eren Yeager.
Eren Yeager

  • Eren is the first Shingeki no Kyojin character to hold three Titans.
    Eren Yeager
  • Eren Yeager placed next to the Levi Ackerman in the first Character Popularity Poll.
    Eren, Mikasa and Levi
  • Whilst elevating the giant rock in his Titan form to hinder the hole in Wall Rose, Eren bore a remarkable similarity to the Ancient Greek Titan Atlas, who carried the celestial sphere on his arms.
    Eren Titan Form
  • A discussion with Isayama’s editor in Otomedia’s Oct. 2013 edition exposed Isayama primarily planned for Eren to have understood all along that he is a Titan, but scrapped the plan.
    Eren Yeager
  • According to Armin, the 104th Trainee Team nicknamed Eren the “Suicidal Blockhead”.
    Eren Yeager
  • Eren has the greatest Titan kill record by notably of total the previous graduates of the 104th Trainee Corps, yet he has killed just one Titan in normal form with his upright armour abilities, and the support has been killed using his Titan powers. In human form, the maximum kills go to Mikasa.
    Eren Yeager
  • Eren’s title is supposed to come from his father’s citizen, Eren Kruger. He also applies his last name, Kruger, when he acts to be a wounded soldier while infiltrating Marley.
    Attack Titan
  • In a flashback, Eren’s dad sees that he does not gain friends easily.
    Colossal Titan Vs. Eren Yeager
  • Eren was recognized for fighting with neighbourhood bullies before Shiganshina fell.
    Colossal Titan
  • Hajime Isayama has once stated that he does not view Eren and Armin being closest friends forever.
    Armored Titan Vs Attack Titan
  • According to the creator of Shingeki no Kyojin, if the 104th Trainee Corps had an arm wrestling match, Eren Yeager would be equally rivalled with Jean.
    Armored Titan & Attack Titan
  • Eren is one of the Shingeki no Kyojin characters that were built into Nendoroid structures, simultaneously with Armin, Levi, the Colossus Titan, and Mikasa.

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