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How to Recover Deleted Messages & Status Download Using WAMR

WhatsApp enabled a feature that allows users to delete messages. Since then, many people have been faced with the difficulty of recovering past conversations.

Sometimes, a message gets deleted before you can read it, and you need to recover it to see what the message was about. If that’s the case, or if you would like to recover lost media, the WAMR app would be ideal to have.

For whatever reason you would want to use a message recovery tool, the WAMR application’s software will allow you to do just that. Let’s look at how it works.

Main Features

WAMR is a utility software application that you can download to help you recover deleted messages. As good as that sounds, due to encryptions applied by WhatsApp, the application has its limits.

It works as follows. Since the app cannot be granted direct access to WhatsApp, it uses a notification system to recover any deleted messages. It also allows you to create a backup of these messages by using your notification history.

This means that the features of the app require all notification settings to be turned on. In addition to being able to allow you to read these deleted messages, it can also recover any attached media, including voice notes, documents, gifs, and stickers.

Keep in mind that there is no sure way to recover deleted messages on WhatsApp. Therefore, messages that were deleted before the app was installed cannot be recovered.

Also, if a chat has been put on silent, deleted messages from that chat will not show up in the notifications. The app may also fail to notify you of any deleted messages because of Android interference.

Thus, you should keep the app removed from any battery optimization settings that Android operating systems might allow. Any attached media files will also not be recovered if the app was unable to fully download it.

These instances may occur if the message was deleted before the WhatsApp app finished downloading. This can also happen if you have signal interference and are not connected to a WiFi source.

Process of Recovering Deleted or Unsent Messages

The recovery process is severely limited because of WhatsApp’s safety precautions that encrypt all the messages sent, even when it is stored on your phone. Thus, the WAMR app requires access to your storage, and as soon as it detects a message that has been deleted, it will capture the message in a notification.

While this is not a sure way to recover messages, it is a way to prevent complete loss and being unable to read the message that was sent.

The app creators do not claim that it is a supported way to recover messages, but it is a useful way to prevent the bugging feeling that you need to know why a message was deleted.

How to Access/Read Messages

Accessing deleted messages is done by viewing the notifications from the WAMR application. Once opened, it will duplicate the WhatsApp interface and display the deleted message in pink.

From there, you will be allowed to create a backup. You will also be permitted to save any media files that may have been attached.

How to Download the App

There are multiple ways of downloading the app. You could download it from the Google Play Store or find it on any other application hosting service, such as

On the Google Play store, search for the app by name, and then use the Install button to download it. Alternatively, you can use the provided link to either one of these sites.

Keep in mind, the app is currently only available for Android phones. Although it is free to download and use, you will have to be satisfied with a lot of advertisements.

A paid-for Pro version can be applied for once the app is installed on your smartphone. Prices will vary from location to location and according to what currency your country uses.

If you need to find free WiFi to download the app or use WhatsApp, take a look here to find out how.


The WAMR app is not a malicious application, but it requires specified permissions to access your smartphone’s storage. It will also require that you keep all chats active and not silent.

You also need a secure connection to keep the app working properly. If you are looking to find a way to recover messages that get deleted, then this is the solution that you have been looking for.

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