‘One Piece’s New Anime Special Key Visual Revealed

Ecchiiro Oda’s series One Piece followers have been appreciating the anime series’s current part on the WCI arc, and have been fancying the manga’s popular Reverie arc, though the story is around to give anime watchers with a new individual calling following to the past events.

Skypiea Arc Special Episode


The proposed special is again exploring the Skypiea saga it is releasing in August(Japan), & later releasing a brand new teaser exposing the distinct turn on the beginning of anime character designs the saga has exposed a new fresh key visual.
Skypiea Arc Special Episode

Delivered by Konosuke Uda, this is a TV special including the Skypiea arc starring a character not observed in the initial Skypiea arc of the anime. While Funimation and Crunchyroll now offer streaming running of previous early “Episode of East Blue” and “Episode of Sabo,” there are 3 other specials concentrating on NamiLuffy, and the Going Merry individually.
Skypiea Arc Special Episode

This latest special marks the initial time the Skypiea arc has been done in the “Episode of” specials, and it’s also one piece fans will wish to crave an eye on as it updates the earlier, pre-time skip designs of the Straw Hats and provides with a complete makeover.
Evil God Eneru

The Skypiea Arc is the 13th anime arc in the story and the second and final of two in the Sky Island Saga of the anime and manga. The Strawhats appear on the sky island Skypiea in the exploration of gold, simply to find out that the island is at risk of being crushed by the evil “god”, Eneru.

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